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Top Considerations When Upgrading Landscaping and the Need for Sprinkler Installation in Denver

May 10, 2017

Are you looking for some of the best ways to upgrade your landscaping this spring? If you have had the same landscaping for years, it might be time to mix things up. You will generally always keep some of your beloved and more permanent plants like trees or shrubs, all while adding new items to create a new look. You’ll love your upgrades and it will also help boost your curb appeal.

Learn about landscaping upgrades you can make, how incorporating hardscaping can help, and why sprinkler installation in Denver is so important to maintain your hard work:

Landscaping Upgrades

If you do not have as much color in your landscape, consider adding some brightness and color to make it pop with some fresh blooms. When it comes to some of the go-to flowers to add in spring, many homeowners like to add a simple look, which daffodils are well suited for in this climate. They have subtle white or yellow petals with a yellow center. For a spring-like look all year long, consider tulips. Tulips are available in a variety of colors and enable you add many of them to take up quite a bit of your landscaping. Bulbs are a great addition simply because they generally come back year after year. Lilacs are another choice which has a subtle pop of color that could be a great addition to your yard's aesthetic. Lastly, hydrangeas grow to a fairly large size outside the home. They have small flowers which grow in bursts for a unique look and a fantastic scent. For trees, redbuds are gorgeous to plant as they will grow tall and have appealing pink and lavender accents.

Incorporating Hardscaping

Do you love your current plant arrangement but are looking to enhance the overall layout? Hardscaping are the structures that can be incorporated in with landscaping. For instance, you can build a retaining wall in your front yard to raise your plant bed and add a custom look. You can also use hardscaping to hold in mulch around your trees in your yard to help keep moisture at the root. You can also use hardscaping to create tiered structures. This will provide an upscale and unique look that is also incredibly functional. Tiered structures help keep the proper flow of water directed toward your plants.

Water Flow is Key

When it comes to maintaining your landscaping, how are you watering? Did you know that you might be over or under watering your landscape and lawn without realizing it? This can be detrimental to the health of your plants and grass. It can lead to long term damage. For overwatering, oversaturating the roots can damage the root system. It can also encourage the growth of mold and mildew. If you don’t water enough, your plants and grass will turn brown and eventually die. Therefore, a premier sprinkler system can help. A sprinkler system will factor in the outside elements and ensure your plants and grass are only getting the amount of water they need.

If you are ready to make sure your landscaping and lawn is properly cared for, consider sprinkler installation service from Water Solutions Sprinkler Service. As your local go-to sprinkler service, we will make sure you can the quality sprinkler you need and teach you how to use it. To see how we can help you, give us a call at 720-435-1495 today.