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Watering Guidelines In The Summer From Your Denver Sprinkler Service

July 19, 2017

While the summer sun brings out outdoor activities and events, it also brings out some of the strongest heat your lawn will experience throughout the year. While you may think watering your lawn all the time is the right move, over watering can actually end up hurting your lawn more than helping it. You can also waste a lot of water by doing so. Water consumption in the summer more than doubles compared to any other season, and over watering and improper lawn irrigation can be to blame. To ensure that your lawn is always looking it’s best, and to avoid water waste, follow these watering guidelines for optimal results!

When To Water

The morning. It’s as simple as that. In the morning, the air is cooler making it the perfect temperature for your lawn to soak it up. Wind usually isn’t an issue in the morning, either, which could blow away droplets of water if it’s too strong. If you water in the evenings, you risk causing a lawn disease. Water clings to blades of grass overnight, which can sit there and promote a fungus. Watering at night can be one of the worst things to do for your lawn.

Water Frequency

One of the biggest questions that people have when it comes to sprinkler systems is how often they should be watering their lawn. Well, for starters you have to take into account natural rainfall and then your sprinkler system. During the summer, your lawn should ideally receive between one and one and a half inches of water each week. Water your lawn every other day for optimal results. If you water your lawn every two days and ensure it gets about a third of an inch of water each time, this will create deeper grass roots. The deeper your lawn’s roots are, the better it is at protecting against a drought. Following this water system is the smarter way to water your lawn.

Inspecting Your Sprinkler System

If you’re noticing soil erosion, soggy landscape, or standing water, it’s imperative to check your irrigation system as soon as possible. Sprinklers should be checked often because they can become damaged or misdirected very easily if they are above ground. Check your irrigation lines and valves for any leaks. Make sure your sprinkler heads aren’t being blocked by obstacles or objects. Make sure they’re actually spraying on your yard, and not your driveway or sidewalk. Finally, check your valves! Even if one valve is leaking, it can cause a high water bill and water waste. Check each one thoroughly before you turn on your system. These simple steps for checking of sprinkler systems this summer will keep your yard looking beautiful, and keep your water bill down!

If you’re still looking for some help determining the best water guidelines for your yard, give Water Solutions Sprinkler Service a call at 720-435-1495! Contact us today to see how we can help you curate a beautiful yard that lasts all summer long!

Top Ways Denver Sprinkler Installation Service Will Reduce Your Water Bill

July 12, 2017

Top Ways Denver Sprinkler Installation Service Will Reduce Your Water Bill

Do you know how much money you are wasting by managing the watering of your lawn? Watering lawns is one of the top ways Americans waste water. Not only does this drain your water bill, but it is an overall waste as well. When you choose to manage your own lawn irrigation, it can be a much more difficult task than you would think. Learn about the best time to water your lawn, the cons of watering a lawn on your own, and the premier benefits of Denver sprinkler installation.

Best Time to Water Lawns

When it comes to watering your lawn, it is best to accomplish this task in the morning. If you aren’t sure why, it is for a few more reasons than you may think. For starters, you need to be an early riser to manage your own lawn before the heat and sun of the day kicks in. This can be as early as 4 a.m. but you need to be finished by 10 a.m. Why morning? The weather is calm. This allows for water to soak into the soil more easily. Then with the normal weather in the day, it will dry on its own. When watering a lawn in the evening, wind and weather can change the way it soaks into the ground. It can also lead to the growth of fungus—which will hurt the overall quality.

Cons of Managing Watering on Your Own

One con to managing a lawn on your own is needing to be an early riser. Or, many don’t mind getting up before the sun has risen, however, a packed schedule can leave little to no time to handle your lawn. Next is the amount. When handling a lawn on your own, you must be very cautious and track how much water is going into your soil. Even the slightest too much or little can have effects on your lawn. Then also, depending on what type of sprinkler you have, you must manually move it around to make sure all areas of your lawn get enough water

Benefits of Sprinkler Installation and Savings

The solution to ensuring your lawn has the appropriate amount of water distributed at the right time is through a sprinkler system. The system will do the heavy lifting. But it also ensures you do not overwater your lawn, saving you valuable dollars each month. Americans waste so much money per year on over-watering the lawn. As The Spruce says, “most lawns do not need most of the water that is put on them.” A sprinkler system will be your go-to to keeping your lawn in great shape. In addition, you will also get time back in your day. That’s a win-win situation!

Water Solutions Sprinkler Service is your local sprinkler installer that will help you get time back in your day and money in your pocket. Once your system is in place, be sure to check out a guide to watering your lawn after a sprinkler installation in Denver. Get started today by calling us at 720-435-1495.

5 Plants That Last All Summer from Your Denver Sprinkler Service

July 5, 2017

Whether you’re ready for it or not, the Colorado summer is here and the heat is on! For those who want to beautify their landscaping this summer, it’s crucial to pick plants that will last throughout the hot season. Of course, it’s important to have properly functioning sprinklers so your plants do well in your Denver soil. Learn more about plants that pair well with the Colorado climate from your premier Denver sprinkler service.  

Lavender Phenomenal

This type of lavender is one of the hardiest out there, prone to surviving cold winters and hot summers. Lavender Phenomenal can handle extreme heat and humidity, resistant to several plant-based diseases, deer proof, and attracts beautiful butterflies for your landscaping. The bluish/purple blooms will look magnificent all summer long.


Rocky Mountain native perennials come in a variety of styles and types, but Yarrow in particular ranges from yellow, to white, to red. Once Yarrows are planted, you won’t need to worry about constantly watering them as they are very drought tolerant. At the base of the plant, you’ll notice fern-like leaves, while towards the top flowers sprout on stiff stalks throughout the summer.

Chocolate Flower

The Chocolate Flower, technically Berlandiera lyrata, is native to Southern Colorado. With this plant, you’ll get blooms that last from early may throughout the summer. The yellow daisy flowers that sprout emit a chocolate fragrance through the air, giving this plant it’s decadent name. Chocolate Flower is a pest-free plant that can tolerate heat waves, the shining sun, droughts, and different soil types including the clay-based soil Denver typically carries.

Rocky Mountain Penstemon

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a Rocky Mountain plant! This perennial is meant to last throughout the toughest conditions. It’s also known to sprawl out just as it would cascading down the mountainside. You’ll find purple-blue blooms in the summer that show up for more than a month. You’ll also get the benefit of butterflies and hummingbirds flocking to this plant.

Sedum ‘Tapestry Carpet’

If you’re looking for something a little less florally, then look to the Sedum ‘Tapestry Carpet’. Succulents are hot right now, and so is this plant. You’ll find a variety of textures and colors of blooms that make this plant a great choice for rock gardens, ground cover, or just for a mix of plant styles. Sedum ‘Tapestry Carpets’ can do well in full sun, or part sun, and do not need a large water maintenance schedule.
Remember that these are just five of the reported plants that grow well around the Denver, Colorado area. There are so many options for creating beautiful landscaping for your home!
Whether you’re planning on revamping your Denver landscaping, or need assistance with your lawn maintenance system, you can rely on quality service from Water Solutions! While you’re getting your home ready for the summer, make sure you know the steps for checking of sprinkler systems. Not sure if your sprinkler system is up to par or have questions about Denver sprinkler installation? Give us a call at 720-435-1495 or fill out an estimate form with Water Solutions to get started!

Ways to Enjoy Denver Fireplaces and Firepits This Summer

June 28, 2017

During the cool spring and summer nights, relaxing around Denver fireplaces and fireplaces is one of the best ways way to unwind. Adding this area to your landscaping can be great for your home value. From some of the top ideas to build fireplaces and fireplaces and event planning tips and safety to properly watering your lawn to maintain quality, try these ideas to enhance your outdoor space.

Ideas for Fireplaces and Firepits

Outdoor firepits and places can come in a variety of shapes and size to perfectly complement your lawn. If you have a small backyard, you can consider adding a small firepit in a small, contained area. This will be the perfect size to place a few chairs around and get warmth from it. For larger spaces, you can create an area to fit several friends. You can get a firepit that has a large circumference that come in a multitude of designs and are built from many different materials. Next, you can add chairs and tables around your firepit for comfortable socializing. Interested in something in a different shape? You can get them in a variety of shapes from square and rectangle to even triangle. Outdoor fireplaces are great against a wall or fence. Many also place them on a side of the home that faces the area.

Event Planning Tips and Safety

Once you have made premier enhancements to your lawn, it is time to enjoy it! One of the best ways to spend an evening is under the stars roasting marshmallows for s’mores or even cooking foods such as hot dogs. To do this, you will need to make sure you have plenty of roasting sticks to accommodate your group. Or, you can have an outdoor house party in the evening around a fireplace. This allows your guests to walk around the area and you can layout foods and beverages to be served. When you have a firepit or fireplace safety, make sure they are installed at least 10 feet away from objects that could catch fire. Make sure you are well-versed in firepit safety.

Properly Watering Your Lawn

It is important to maintain your investment to keep your lawn up just the way you will with your outdoor firepit or fireplace. For small lawns, it might be more feasible to care on your own. Make sure to water in the mornings and do not overwater. Large lawns can be easy to damage when handling manually. Consider purchasing a sprinkler system that can detect when your lawn needs water and handle the work. This way you will have a great green lawn and more time to spend in it.
Learn more about the benefits of an in-ground sprinkler system. To get started with help with sprinklers or firepits, Water Solutions Sprinkler Service can help. As your local go-to sprinkler service, we will install outside your home, provide eco-friendly landscaping and design and handle maintenance. To get started on your next project, call us at 720-435-1495 between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to get started on your upcoming project!

Fire Pit Options by Denver Service Expert Landscaping

June 21, 2017

In today’s world, landscaping extends beyond grass seed, plants and well manicured lawns. In fact, homeowners are creating social gathering spaces via backyard patios, outdoor grilling stations and even full kitchens constructed to move the living room and social gathering spaces of the home outside. One such gathering spot, installed with a little more ease, is a fire pit.
Providing year round enjoyment, a properly installed fire pit offers a variety of different functions when utilized. Obviously, the unit can provide heat during cool Denver nights while also providing an option for campsite snacks while enjoying the amenities of home.
The type of unit installed will equate to how functional the fire pit can be depending on the wishes of the homeowner. First, a decision must be made in regards to the actual heat source. Both gas and natural (wood) options are available and each provides quality characteristics depending on desired settings and use.


Wood burning fire pits provide a more natural setting. The fire provides warmth but can also be used for cooking any type of food or snack. S'mores are always a favorite but hot dogs and solo roasted marshmallows aren’t far behind. Natural fire also serves as an insect repellent. Some wood pit options may be transported.


Smell. Sitting around a fire will almost always lead to a smoky smell embedding itself into both your clothes and hair. Ash accumulation is also a negative as the pit must be cleared regularly to prevent build up. Constant care must be administered in order to maintain the flame and ensure constant heat production. Following enjoyment, proper steps to extinguish the fire must be followed.


Propane or natural gas fire pits offer a consistent and steady flame immediately after being lit. The heat source is measureable based on BTU (British Thermal Unit) production and units can be designed and installed to emit the most effective heat for the area. Immediate heat and flame at the push of a button and no need for kindling, paper or waiting for the flame to catch, unlike a natural pit.


Fire pits using gas for flame production are limited to the amount fuel available. Instead of being able to simply add wood to the fire, if the fuel runs out the flame will immediately extinguish. For this reason, storing and having an additional fuel tank on hand is recommended. Unlike natural wood fires, using gas flames for fireside snacks is not recommended.
Whatever type of fire pit you choose, make sure to read up on outdoor fire pit safety When determined to find the right option for your fire pit and social common ground needs, the professional staff at Water Solutions Sprinkler Service will be happy to help you decide on the best option for your Denver area lawn. Experts in available options and installation a decision can easily be reached based on individual needs and budget. Contact us today at 720-435-1495 or visit our website at to get more information about the best fire pit options available for your home.