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Denver Landscaping Service: How To Winterize Your Landscaping

November 15, 2017

The days seem to be getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping, and the leaves are falling to the ground. This can only mean one thing: winter is quickly approaching. Because it’s approaching winterizing your property should be at the top of your mind. When you think of winterizing, you might think of doing that to an RV, boat, or your sprinkler system (which we do too, by the way) but we’re talking about winterizing your landscaping so you can be sure it lasts the harsh conditions and will be ready for a beautiful spring. So, how can you winterize your landscaping? Read these tips from a Denver landscaping service on to find out!

For The Lawn

First thing’s first, start fertilizing. Find a winterizing fertilizer that is high in potassium. Next, apply lime to your lawn. By applying lime, you’re going to adjust the pH of your soil making it more alkaline which is essentially for a beautiful lawn. Over the winter, the lime will work it’s way into your soil.

Before the frost sets in, you’re going to want to rake up all of the leaves scattered about in your yard. Raking up debris before snowfall is essential for preventing diseases and pests. Do you have acorns falling on your yard along with leaves? Pick those up as well! If you leave them on the ground over winter they become embedded in the soil, making your lawn bumpy, and even possibly sprout into new seedlings.

Finally, cut your grass - and cut it short. How short, you ask? We recommend two to three inches in height. If you let your grass grow long and winter sets in, the long blades will bend over harboring diseases over the long winter. Additionally, never ever use a lawn mower on a frost-covered lawn. Frozen blades are just like glass and can easily be shattered.

For The Plants And Shrubs

If you have any delicate plants or shrubs, wrap them up! Winter brings about really dry winds, so if you have shrubs that have floppy branches or leaves that are easily damaged, wrap them in a breathable fabric at the very beginning of winter. Burlap is not only inexpensive, but it’s incredibly effective. The same thing goes for hedges. If you have a line of them that you should ideally wrap for protection, you can simply wrap the entire line of them at once rather than individually wrap each one.

Does your neighborhood or yard experience deer in the fall and winter? Be sure to protect your plants from them by using deer netting, fencing, or deer repellents. Otherwise, once spring comes around, you won’t have much plant left!

If you live in the Denver area, you know we get snow. And often, it’s a lot. If you have plants in your lawn, be sure to build structures to protect the from the loads of snow that can collect of them.

There are so many ways to winterize your lawn in the fall, but these are just a few good tricks! We know we talked about winterizing your lawn, but you also need to winterize your sprinkler system along with your yard. It’s essential, and can save you money down the road!

Should you have any questions on winterizing, be sure to contact us today! The Roof Dr. has years of experience under our belt, and we’ve been witness to quite a few winters, too. We can help you with your sprinkler system or landscaping!

Denver Landscaping Service: 4 Tips For Lawn Care In The Fall

November 8, 2017

Just because the summer fun ends, and you might think your grass is starting to grow slowly, your lawn care maintenance shouldn’t skip a beat! Fall brings about cooler temperatures and the occasional bout of rain, so it’s the perfect time to prepare for your lawn for next spring. A lot of times homeowners think that because their grass isn’t growing as fast, their lawn needs less care. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In the fall, grass is absorbing energy, moisture, and nutrients in preparation for a long winter. If you give your lawn some love now, you’ll have a healthy, beautiful yard for the spring. Follow these 4 tips for lawn care in the fall from your Denver landscaping service!

Keep On Mowing

Grass continues to grow all the way up until you get your first true frost of the year, so you won’t be able to put away the lawn mower just yet. Cut your grass to the ideal 2-½” to 3” height. If you leave it too long, your lawn will be vulnerable to fungi and mold. If you cut it too short, the root system won’t be able to withstand winter cold and dryness. If you continue mowing at your regular routine pace, you’ll also be able to chop up your leaves and let them become a soil-enhancing mulch. Be sure to follow these mowing tips.

Aerate The Soil

Fall is the BEST time to aerate your lawn in order to ensure that oxygen, water, and fertilizer can easily reach the grass’s roots. Aeration is where a machine will quickly punch holes into your soil and remove some plugs of dirt. This allows for your lawn to soak up nutrients and prepare for the winter, preventing soil from becoming compacted and covered in a thick layer of roots. Aeration is ideal before fertilizing as the holes that are created will let fertilizer reach right to the roots and get to work for a lush, healthy lawn. Denver lawn aeration helps improve your landscape, especially in the fall!

Add Fertilizer

We recommend fertilizing your lawn after aeration in preparing for the winter, as those grass roots need to last throughout the cold, dormant months. When you add fertilizer, the roots will get a shot of plant sugars that protect the roots from freezing, and additionally gives the plant energy to bounce back in the spring. Choose a lawn fertilizer that contains potassium as it aids in root growth, disease protection, drought tolerance, and cold resistance.

Spread Some Seed

Overseed your lawn in the fall so your thin spots or bare patches will be filled in, and will also promote the growth of drought-tolerant grasses. Fall is the best time to overseed because the ground is warm, the sun isn’t as hot during the day, moisture levels are at a premium, and the nights are cool.

Lawn care in the fall is essential for a beautiful, lush yard in the spring. Water Solutions Company offers expert landscaping service for the Denver area, and would love to help you out with your fall lawn care needs! Contact us today to see how we can help prepare your lawn for the harsh winter so it’s thriving all year round!

Denver Sprinkler Installation: The Importance of Winterization For Your Sprinkler System

Whether you’re ready for it or not, the temperatures are dropping and old man winter is starting to make his entrance. Before the temperatures really start to drop and the Denver area starts getting frost, you need to winterize your irrigation system stat! Preparing your sprinkler system for the winter will only make it last season after season. Not doing so could cause breakage and busted pipes. Read on to find out why winterizing your sprinkler system is essential from your Denver sprinkler service!

Shut Off Water

First things first: shut off your main water supply to your sprinkler system. If you have a manual drain, you can open them at all of the water access points. Most likely, though, your system should have an automatic drain that is designed to pump water out of the sprinkler system when the source is turned off. During a routine inspection, you should check to make sure all of your automatic pumps are functioning properly before you start winterizing your pipes.

Blow Outs

This step can be tricky, so it’s best to leave it to us, the professionals. A blow is where we use an air compressor attached to the water supply system, and blast compressed air throughout the pipes. This flushes out any water that may remain in the pipes. This is probably the most effective way to get rid of any water in your system. When performing a blow out, there are so many steps that a professional must take to prevent damaging your sprinkler heads, rotors, valves, and backflow system. You also need to use the right air compressor at the right pressure. Read up on how to perform sprinkler blowouts in Denver. Also be sure to check the backflow preventer to ensure that you system is completely out of water. Typically, valves and drains are left open on the backflow preventer at a certain angle to prevent cracking or breaking once those temperatures drop below freezing.

The Risks of Not Winterizing

You may be asking yourself if you really should winterize your system, and the short answer is yes. For many reasons. If water is left in your pipes over the winter, and then freezes, it’s very likely that ice will expand and break or crack your entire sprinkler system. Once spring comes around, and that ice thaws out, that water can come inside the house or underground, causing flooding and leaks. This is a hefty price to pay for something that is so simple, and easy, to do!

At Water Solutions Company, we perform winterizations throughout the Denver metropolitan area, and we have for years. For the last two decades and counting we’ve provided thousands of clients with sprinkler winterizations. Don’t make the mistake of passing up on essential winterization care for your beautiful lawn and home. This process prevents unnecessary winter damage to your system, so contact us today for more information and to schedule a service time!

Denver Landscaping: The 5 Warning Signs of Hiring Amateurs for Landscape Installation

October 25, 2017

When you want to redo your outdoor area and install some landscaping, you typically get a few quotes from companies that you find online or by word of mouth. Homeowners often find themselves wanting to go with the cheapest option because, well, it’s the cheapest! However, that’s certainly not the way to judge a Denver landscaping company. Hiring amateurs only leads to problems that will end up having your landscaping not look the way you intended it to, or have a slew of problems in the future. The dangers of hiring amateurs to do your landscape installation definitely outweigh the pro of having cheap labor. Read on to find out the five warning signs!

The Warning Signs

When working with a landscaping company, there are 5 warning signs that they are not experienced and not properly equipped to handle the job. First and foremost, they need to be able to provide a license and insurance paperwork. If they don’t, run away! Seriously though, they do need to have the proper license and insurance to cover themselves and their employees on a worksite.

Second, if you notice drastic changes in your original quote after the landscaping company gets to work, that’s another warning sign. While things change after landscapers get to work on your property, there shouldn’t be big differences in the amount that was quoted. This is a sign the amateur company was trying to lower your quote just to get your business in the first place.

Did you get a thorough consultation before work began? If not, that’s your third warning sign. At Water Solutions Company, we offer a full assessment of soil and lighting in order to determine which plants and trees will grow best. We also provide information about wildlife that will be attracted or repelled by certain plants and trees, which is essential if you don’t want to draw them into your yard. We also offer advice on what to do with fences and building colors in order to harmonize the landscape.

If you keep getting cancelled appointments or delays on when the amateur landscaping company is supposed to work, that’s your fourth warning sign. A professional landscaper will always be on time, and ready to work. Of course, delays might come up and there’s nothing you can do about them, but if they do happen a professional landscaper would contact you and let you know beforehand.

Finally, if your landscaper displays a  negative attitude or completely dispels your ideas for your yard, it’s a definite fifth warning sign. A professional landscaper should be able to take your ideas and make do with what will work with your yard.

At the end of the day, just remember that landscaping jobs are not for the amateur. Do you need more proof? Read up on four reasons why you should hire a professional Denver landscaping service. When it comes to hiring the best of the best for landscaping, Water Solutions Company is your go-to service! With over 45 years of experience, we know what works for the Denver area and how to make your landscaping the best it can possibly look We’ll help you create a look that will last for years to come. Learn more about our landscaping services. When you’re ready to get started, call us at 720-435-1495 or get your free estimate today!

Denver Sprinkler Service: Why You Should Be Doing Business With Us!

October 18, 2017

When it comes to installing a sprinkler system, irrigation system, or simply just repairing your system, don’t leave it up to the amateurs. There are major reasons why you should hire a professional sprinkler contractor. You can severely damage your pipes, as well as the integrity of your landscaping. Water Solutions Sprinkler Service has been servicing the Denver metro area for 22 years and counting, and there’s a reason why after all this time we’re still the go-to experts for sprinklers, landscaping, and more.

So, why choose to work with Water Solutions Sprinkler Service? Let us explain why our superior customer service and expertise in sprinklers makes us the best option for you.

Our Services

We’ve been providing sprinkler and landscaping services for over 22 years in the Denver, Parker, and Aurora, Colorado area. Our main specialties include sprinkler installation for your home, or business, eco-friendly landscaping and design, as well as sprinkler blowouts and other routine maintenance.

About Water Solutions Sprinkler Service

Did you know that Water Solutions Sprinkler Service is an A+ rated company that strives to provide the best product for our customers. That’s our missions. Even though we have over 22 years of experience in the industry, we are always striving to improve our industry standards. Every customer is valued at Water Solutions Sprinkler Service, which is why our products and services are guaranteed! You won’t find too many other sprinkler service companies who do the same thing. We also provide a five year warranty to ensure that your sprinklers will be working for many years to come.

Our staff includes the very best professionals that specialize in sprinklers and yard maintenance. Rest assured that we always have our customer’s best interests at heart when we go out and perform the task at hand. Whatever your problem or idea that you have, Water Solutions can easily meet all of your needs. When you compare our services to our competitors, you’ll realize why so many customers choose and trust us.

Our Company Mission

Recently, homeowners are finding it harder to obtain a mortgage or sell their property. Needless to say, sometimes your landscaping and yard can become eyesores that really hurt the value of your property. If you need to sell your home, then think about how to make your property as attractive as possible to potential home buyers. In order to get there, you’ll need some professional landscaping and sprinkler installation help.

At Water Solutions, we want to see every home or business in the Denver metro area look as beautiful as possible. Our friends and neighbors have the right to a peaceful, attractive setting that can, and should, win awards!

Speaking of awards, we pride ourselves on only using award-winning landscape designs. If you do end up using services provided by competitors, you’ll notice that they are not meticulous about their landscaping. Once you compare our services to our competitors, you’ll understand why friends and neighbors trust us time and time again. Read up on four reasons why you should hire a professional Denver landscaping service.

Give Water Solutions a call today, and you’ll soon be enjoying the yard and landscape you’ve always dreamed of!