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Reasons Why Utilizing a Denver Sprinkler Service is a Smart Decision

May 16, 2018

When it comes to your property’s garden and landscape, an absolutely critical element of the equation is the way in which your yard will be consistently hydrated. Without proper watering, a yard will quickly turn into a sad, dying mess. In the Denver metro area, water from rain can often be a scarce event, which only necessitates a proper watering schedule for your property. As a result, the importance of utilizing a professional sprinkler service in Denver should not be underestimated, as these professionals can help you keep your property looking its absolute best. With that in mind, here are a few of the best reasons why you should consider hiring a professional sprinkler service for your property:

Water Conservation

A key component of your landscaping system will be the efficient and effective use of water, which is an ever-precious resource that should be conserved at all costs. Manually turning on sprinklers or watering by hand can often be inefficient and waste water, which not only increases your water bill but increases your environmental impact. For those individuals that care deeply about conserving natural resources, utilizing a sprinkler service company can be a great option.
Professional sprinkler and irrigation services can dramatically reduce water usage depending on the type of system you have installed. There are many advances that have been made within the field of irrigation in recent years, as technology has improved the ability to efficiently manage your water usage. 
Irrigation systems can be installed with a variety of sensors that consistently measure the amount of moisture in the soil. If it rains that afternoon, an irrigation system that includes these sensors can limit or skip a watering cycle to compensate for the added presence of water in the soil. This will not only reduce your impact on the environment and reduce your water bill, but it will provide the plants with the proper amount of moisture they require, as overwatering can negatively impact your precious foliage.

Utilizing a Sprinkler Service Will Save You Time

Having a large yard or garden with a plethora of plants that need to be watered also comes with the added burden of having to spend time each day watering your property. Whether you decided to do this by hand or simply turn on your sprinkler, this element of having a living landscape to maintain can be a cumbersome chore that requires consistent and persistent attention throughout the season. 
By hiring a sprinkler service company to take care of this aspect of your yard for you, you will be able to rest easy knowing your yard is being maintained by capable and competent professionals who are experts in the field of irrigation and watering systems. Having a professional irrigation system installed will also allow you to go on vacation and not have to worry about how well your plants will do while you are away from your home. A professional sprinkler service can automate your landscape to provide your plants with the much needed hydration they require to stay in optimal health.

Having a Professional Eye to Ensure Your System is Performing Well

If you have an existing irrigation system in your home, making sure that it is running efficiently and without any leaks can be a chore that you won’t be able to properly complete. The benefits of having an irrigation and sprinkler system are certainly plentiful, and by utilizing a professional sprinkler service you will also receive the added benefit of having a team diligently maintain your watering system.
Leaks and other issues sometimes can arise within a sprinkler system, and by having a helpful and reliable service on hand to assist you with any potential issues is more than worth the investment, as you will be able to rest easy knowing your sprinkler system is in good hands. A leak within an irrigation system that is not addressed can cost you a ton in water bills, as well as negatively impact your living landscape. By hiring a service to consistently manage this system for you, you will know that you won’t have to worry about any issues if they do indeed arise.

Increase Your Property Value

By taking advantage of the services of a professional sprinkler service, you will be adding immense value to your property by having it look its best. A well-functioning sprinkler system is essential to having your landscape look pristine, and the best way to have the most optimal watering system is to hire the professionals whose job it is to make sure your plants are properly hydrated.
In the event that your yard or landscape isn’t being maintained properly, certain municipalities and code enforcers can write a citation, causing you stress and financial burden. This can be avoided by using a sprinkler service company that can help you keep your yard looking terrific. 
In the event that you decide to sell your property, your well-maintained landscape and garden will be a major positive that can definitely help sell your property faster. Without proper watering, a landscape can quickly go into disrepair, causing your property to lose value and appeal in the process. As a result, the value in hiring trusted professionals to take care of this issue should certainly be kept in mind, as this can go a long way towards keeping your property value as high as it possibly can be.
If you are considering having your yard professionally maintained, specifically when it comes to the sprinkler and irrigation components, contact the trusted professionals at Water Solutions Sprinkler Service. We handle all of your sprinkler and irrigation needs, including installation and repair of your irrigation systems. We also take care of sprinkler blowouts at the end of the season and are more than happy to provide routine maintenance of your system throughout the season. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible customer service, and we are proud to have served the Denver metro area for over two decades. Call us at 720-435-1495 today.

Helping Your Denver Landscaping Recover from Winter

May 2, 2018

The winter can be a harsh on your lawn, plants, flowers, and other landscaping. Thankfully, with a little bit of care, everything will bounce back and be beautiful for spring! Pencil in some time on your calendar to dedicate some time to your lawn. Use this overview and go-to tips to make sure your Denver landscaping is ready for spring!

How to Determine if Plants are Dead or Just Damaged

One of your first agenda items in early spring is to assess the condition of your landscaping. During this process, you will examine them to see which plants are dead, and which can be saved during the spring.

To get started, gently bend their stems to see if it actually bends. If it breaks, that part of the plant is dead. You can test other points of the stem to see if it doesn't. Depending where it is healthy, you may be able to save the plant and prune off the dead areas. Cut down the stems and look for green areas. This is a sign there is still life in the plant or flower. Make sure you do not prune until there will not be any more freezes in the season.

In some cases, you will not see any life in your existing plants and flowers. There is still a possibility the roots are still alive. Cut the plant down so only a few inches of the stems are left. Over time, if the plant re-grows, you know you are in the clear. If not, it is best to replace it with something else. If you are ready to put something new in its place if you rather now wait for growth, you can! The spring is one of the top times to plant new flowers, shrubs, etc., in your landscaping.

Helping Plants Damaged by Cold Temperatures

After you inspect the quality of your plans, some may not be dead, but taking extra time to recover from winter.
  • Fertilize: Spring is the optimal time to put fertilizer on plants. Ideally, you will want to do this when you know there will no longer be frosts-so avoid using fertilizer if you know there will be temperatures that will produce frost. You can also help bring your plants back to life by adding compost.
  • Defrosting after late freeze: It's possible to have late freezes in the spring. When this happens, it is crucial you tend to them as soon as possible for their health. Check the ground around the plant to see if the soil is frozen solid. Give your plant some water around its base to help de-freeze the area.
  • Brown grass: When grass is brown and wilting, it is a sign that it has been severely impacted by winter temperature and conditions. Avoid making it worse and stay off the lawn. This includes mowing. Even if your grass has grown, you will want to wait a little later in the season for your first mow to see if the grass comes back. If it doesn't, you will need to work with your local sprinkler service and landscaping company on replacing the dead areas with sod. If you can salvage the dying grass, when you do mow for the first time, make sure you use the highest setting.
  • Remove dead pieces: You may notice some of your plants have dark spots on leaves. When winter burn occurs, it is a positive sign the plant still has good health-but will need to have the brown cut off.

Using a Pre-Emergent

In addition to fertilizing your landscaping as mentioned above, it is also very important to use a pre-emergent, also known as herbicides, on your landscaping. This will help keep weeds from sprouting in your lawn. Weeds can come in due to a variety of reasons such as improper watering or fertilizing, damage, low sunlight, damage from insects, and more.

Once you put the pre-emergent down, it will work proactively to help keep the weeds (i.e. crabgrass or clovers) from sprouting. How? It rids the weeds while still in the soil and keeps them from germinating.

When shopping for the right pre-emergent, make sure you buy the correct one for your yard. This will help keep from furthering any damage. Learn how to choose a pre-emergent herbicide and research before making a decision.

Premier Spring Lawn and Landscaping Tips

As you care for plants and flowers recovering from the winter, there is much more to do to help your landscaping thrive. Some of these tips include:
  • Remove thatch: Thatch is a layer of grass, roots, and stems that are living or dead. While some thatch is normal and healthy, an excess can be detrimental. Thatch that is nearing one inch needs to be removed. Accomplish this by first mowing your grass then raking your lawn using a dethatching rake. If you will be fertilizing your lawn, be sure to do that after dethatching.
  • Aerate your lawn: Lawn aeration perforates the soil, allowing easier access for natural elements to make their way in. You can rent a machine that will do the job, or you can contact your local water service company to handle this.
  • Pruning: Pruning trees and shrubs at the beginning of spring. During this process, you will remove the old and dying parts of the plant and allow them the opportunity for new growth.

Getting Your Sprinkler System Ready

Once you are in the clear of freezing temperatures, it is safe to turn your sprinklers on. From here, do your research to find the right amount of water for your lawn. The best way to accomplish this is to find the amount that dampens the soil but does not overflow. Need some help? Your sprinkler system will ensure accuracy. If you do not have one, consider purchasing one. Your sprinkler service can help you find the perfect system for your lawn.

When it comes to choosing the right sprinkler system for your yard this spring, Water Solutions Sprinkler Service will assist. We can help you with any of your questions on your existing plants that are recovering from the winter. Our team will ensure your yard is thriving for spring. Contact us at 720-435-1495 to discuss how we can help you.

Sprinklers in Denver: What You Should Know About Getting an Irrigation System Ready for the New Season

April 18, 2018

As the weather along the Front Range starts to warm up, you might already be spending time outside. Perhaps you have been eyeing your still-dead lawn from your deck or patio. If you have sprinklers in Denver or if you have been thinking about putting a system into place, it’s time to start thinking about getting them ready and geared up for a new season. Taking the necessary steps now can help prevent costly repairs to your sprinkler system—and it can protect your lawn and the rest of your landscaping for the duration of the summer.

Wondering what else you need to do to get your yard prepped for outdoor living? HouseLogic has more information on what you can be doing to get your yard ready for spring in this article, 5 Simple Steps to Prep Your Lawn for Spring.

The Benefits of a Sprinkler System

You can keep your lawn green and your landscaping healthy without a sprinkler system. But in Colorado’s semi-arid climate, if you are not consistent about watering, you can easily have a dead lawn rather than a healthy one. There are so many advantages to having a sprinkler system, including:
  • Convenience. Nothing beats the convenience of having an irrigation system in place, so you don’t have to make watering your yard a hands-on experience. With a timer set up, you don’t even have to worry about turning it on. If there are water restrictions throughout the season, you can set your sprinkler system up accordingly, so you are not fined.
  • Aesthetics and safety. Dragging a garden hose across your driveway and lawn is not only a hassle, but it doesn’t look all that nice. Having to put away the hose every time you water is also inconvenient, but if you leave it out, it creates a tripping hazard for both kids and pets. (Some area HOAs might also have a complaint about this.) Contrast this with sprinkler heads that pop up when they are ready to run—and then pop back down into the ground when the watering cycle has been completed. This looks better—and it’s safer for everyone involved.
  • Water at the best time of day. Most experts recommend watering your lawn early in the morning, and in most areas around the metro area, it is required that all watering cease by 10am. Watering at times other than the heat of the day mean less water is evaporated by the sun. There are also studies that show watering early in the morning can protect your lawn from some diseases, which can happen if you water in the evening and have a soaked lawn overnight. With a sprinkler system, it’s easy to set your watering system to water at the best time of day—even if you are still in bed.
  • Water the best amount—or the allowed amount. If there are watering restrictions, a sprinkler system makes it easier to comply. If you have a more advanced sprinkler system, some even sense weather and will skip a scheduled water session if it rains so your lawn will not become oversaturated. You’ll also save on water!
  • Your lawn is watered—even if you are out of town. If you go on vacation during the summer as many people do, you won’t have to worry about your lawn turning yellow while you are gone. You won’t need to bother neighbors to water for you. Your sprinkler will be set up, just as if you were home.
Now that you know why you should invest in a sprinkler system, here are our tips for getting your watering system ready for the upcoming season.

Don’t Start Your Sprinkler System Too Early

Although we get plenty of beautiful days in March and April, our location on the Front Range of Colorado means that spring usually has a number of false starts. You want to make sure the ground is no longer frozen before gearing your sprinkler system back up. If you start it up too soon, it could actually damage the pipes.

Inspect the Entire System for Damage

Winter can be tough on sprinklers. Shovels and snowplows can easily damage sprinkler heads. Other parts of the system, including nozzles, valves, and pipes can also be damaged over time. Replace parts that need it.

Check That the System Works

Check the programming and controls of the system. Set it up for the proper days and times you’ll be watering your landscape. Most systems have a battery backup, and you should also check that this is in working order.

Check Water Distribution of the System

If there is too much water in some areas and not enough in others, you are putting your entire landscape at risk—not to mention harming the environment by wasting water. Dirt and rocks can also settle in and block water from flowing evenly from sprinkler heads.

Check the Water Pressure

When you turn the water back on for your sprinkler system, do it slowly. If you don’t, there could be an initial surge of water pressure that can burst pipes and damage valves. This can result in needing costly repairs.

If you are on the fence about hiring pros to handle your landscaping this summer, read Why You Should Hire Professional Denver Landscaping Services for Your Yard. You might be surprised at just how cost-effective it can be to put your landscaping needs into the hands of professionals.

Whether you are getting a new system or starting up your old one, make sure your sprinklers are up and running this spring by calling the professionals to do the job right. At Water Solutions Services, we are your go-to Denver sprinkler system experts. We can tune up your system, fix any problems, and you can rest assured that we always have an interest in delivering our best to you. We offer free estimates for stress-free sprinkler maintenance in Denver, as well as the Aurora, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Lone Tree, and Parker areas. Call us today at (720) 435-1495 for your free estimate.

Why You Should Hire Professional Denver Landscaping Services for Your Yard

April 3, 2018

There is nothing like a beautiful yard to enhance the curb appeal of your home. It’s also a great way to enjoy outdoor living with your friends and family. Some people enjoy working outside in their yards, and they seem to have talent for it—not to mention a green thumb. Others would prefer to spend their time outdoors relaxing, and if that is the case, the best option is to look into hiring Denver landscaping services to take care of your yard. The 300-plus sunny days we get each year mean you will have plenty of days to enjoy a beautiful outdoor living space.

When you hire Water Solutions for professional landscaping, these are some of the advantages we will provide. Here are some other great reasons to hire professionals to take care of your yard.

Professional Landscapers Will Save You Time

You work hard Monday through Friday, and you want to relax on the weekends. If you have a yard to take care of, this can mean hours of your time outside doing manual labor such as mowing and weeding and pruning. When you hire professionals to take care of your yard, this means you can relax and enjoy your outdoor space on the weekends instead of sweating over it. Landscaping professionals can take care of everything for you, including maintaining your sprinkler system, keeping plants pruned and fertilized, keeping weeds from creeping in, and trimming trees and shrubs.

Think of all the hours you and your family can spend enjoying your outdoor living space rather than working in it! Imagine the parties, barbecues, and nights around the firepit you can host. You’ll have more free time to enjoy all of it when your yard is being professional maintained.

Before you hire anyone, however, take a look at Angie’s List’s recommendations that you ask these seven questions before hiring a landscaper. These questions will help ensure you hire the right company for the job.

Professional Landscapers Will Give You Options for Success

Unless you are a plant expert, you probably have no idea what plants will thrive in your yard. The experts have the knowledge to identify which plants are most likely to do well given the type of soil you have, the amount of sunshine the area receives, and the overall environment they are dealing with. You won’t waste time and money trying to grow plants and foliage that have little chance for success here.

For example, Kentucky bluegrass is often used in Denver yards, but it is actually a very difficult grass to grow in our semi-arid climate—even with an efficient sprinkler system. The experts can give you different lawn options, including those that grow better along the Front Range.

Professional Landscapers Will Give You More Space in Your Garage

When you think of all the products and tools needed to take care of your yard, these items not only take money but they also hog lots of storage space in your garage. When you hire professionals, they will bring all of the products needed to maintain your yard, including soils, plants, rocks, tools, and so forth. You won’t need to worry about lugging these things from your car to your garage.

Professional Landscapers Can Mean More Enjoyment of Your Yard

When you’re not spending your free time mowing your lawn and weeding flower gardens, you can start planning other ways to enjoy your yard. Professional landscapers can help you with your vision by installing walkways, creating patios, and adding retaining walls. Perhaps you’d like to create an outdoor kitchen or natural stone firepit to enhance your outdoor living space. You’ll have the time to create more ways to experience your yard.

Professional Landscapers Will Increase the Value of Your Home

Nothing makes a better first impression than a beautiful yard. This also enhances the curb appeal of your home as well as its value. When it comes to sell your home, you will reap the rewards of having a professionally landscaped yard. Meanwhile, you can just sit back and enjoy it. Your neighbors likely appreciate it as well!

Professional Landscapers Will Lower Your Water Bill

It takes a lot of water to keep even a fairly small yard well-irrigated. Often sprinkler systems are leaking and homeowners don’t even know it. With professional landscapers taking care of things, you can rest assured that your sprinkler system is running efficiently so there is no water being wasted. Or you can save even more by xeriscaping your yard. You’ll save money—and it’s good for the environment.

Something else you might not have considered is that you can also save on energy bills for your home by having the right kind of landscaping. Shading from trees and bushes can keep your home cooler in the summer—meaning even more money savings. Plus they look beautiful. It’s a win-win situation!

Professional Landscapers Will Save You Money

It’s easy to dream big and blow your budget in the local home improvement store’s lawn and garden section. With help from the professionals, you can determine a budget ahead of time and zero in on your priorities. Your vision can become a reality while the pros do the work—and ensure that you stay within your target budget.

Nothing beats having a beautiful outdoor living space—except maybe having more time to enjoy it by opting for Denver landscaping services. Make a solid investment in your home and your lifestyle by hiring professionals to handle the heavy lifting in your yard.

At Water Solutions, our expert staff has earned an A+ rating for providing two decades of exceptional lawn services. We can provide essential landscaping products, install your ideal landscape and hardscape features, and then perform maintenance duties to preserve the quality of your lawn and to maximize the beauty of your home.  Have more time to relax and enjoy a beautiful yard by hiring Water Solutions to take care of your landscape. Contact us today. We can’t wait to make your vision a reality!

Getting your Denver Sprinklers Ready for The Spring

March 28, 2018

The mild winter that Denver experienced this past year is almost over, which means that spring is right around the corner. In fact, it’s felt like spring for a while now, as unusually warm temperatures have kept the Denver metro area feeling especially comfortable. Although the first day of spring isn’t until March 20th, it’s a great time to start thinking about having your Denver sprinklers ready for another season of watering. Here are a few things to consider prior to the start of the season:

Check the Soil

Before you get your garden under way in earnest, you’ll want to make sure that the ground that your irrigation system lays in is not frozen. You can check to see if your ground is frozen by using a shovel or other tool in order to test the hardness of the ground. Ideally, you will want to have the soil be completely frost free to a total of 12 inches below the surface. If you fill the system too early, it can create very expensive repairs that may require some extensive replacements of irrigation lines, a project you definitely don’t want to have to undertake.

Collect Sprinkler Supplies

In order to make sure that your sprinkler and irrigation system is operating at peak efficiency and performance, you will want all of the necessary tools to make the job something that is easy to perform. Not having all of your supplies on hand at the start of the job can create unnecessary headaches, as you will have to make multiple trips to the store in order to have everything for the job.

Prior to starting the job, check to see that you have all of the parts for your irrigation system, such as risers, sprinkler heads, and nozzles. It’s a good idea to have extras for all parts, as some parts may break or be faulty. Being one nozzle or sprinkler head short of a fully-functioning system is certainly an aggravating event you do not want to have to experience.

Fill the Pipes

Once you have checked to make sure your soil is properly thawed and you have all of the necessary components on hand to complete the job, the next step in the process is to actually fill your irrigation piping. During the initial startup, it is possible that an excess amount of air pressure caused by the initial rush of water into the pipes can create problems, such as burst fittings and sprinklers that blow right out of the ground. If problems aren’t immediately known or observed, this process can weaken components and create trouble for you later in the season.

As a result, it is crucial to include air pressure relief valves and drains within your irrigation system as a way to prevent such events from taking place. These devices will allow air to flow out of the system as you refill the lines with water, preventing damage that results from excessive surges of air pressure. As you refill the system, it is a great idea to do this at a slow pace, so as not to create any of the problems that can result from excessive air pressure.

Starting the process of refilling your irrigation system, you will want to fill the main line of the system first, which is traditionally located between the water sources and the zone valves. As stated earlier, you will want to slowly open the shutoff valve that controls the water flow to the irrigation system. Taking your time with this process is key, as rushing the water through the system can create additional fixes which will not be fun (or cheap) to deal with. After you’ve filled the main line, you can then move on to additional zones, moving slowly from zone to zone until every section of the irrigation system has been filled.

As your thoroughly fill your irrigation system you will want to check for leaks to make sure no water is wasted and pressure is being lost in the process. This can be done by checking areas around the valves and sprinkler heads to test for excessive moisture buildup. You will also want to make sure there are no breaks in the lines themselves, which you will be able to see by water pooling in areas it shouldn’t be.

Test the System

Now that you’ve gone through the trouble of filling your entire irrigation system again in preparation for another long season of keeping your garden hydrated, you will want to test the system out to make sure that it still functions at the level you need it to. You will want to make sure all areas are operating properly.

As stated earlier, observe the system in operation to make sure there are no leaks in any zone or portion of the system. You’ll also want to make sure that your timer programs are functioning and operating accurately to the desired amount of time that is needed for your garden. You may need to reset them and determine what amount of water is needed, as a dryer winter may necessitate that you water heavier than normal earlier in the season.

Hire Someone for the Job

If all of this process sounds intimidating or overwhelming, a great option for you as a homeowner is to hire a trained professional who can carefully and thoroughly get your irrigation system up and running to optimal conditions. Doing it yourself can be a stressful and tiring process that is often not worth the hassle that accompanies such an intensive process.

If your irrigation system is in need of getting filled and prepared for the upcoming season, contact the trusted professionals at Water Solutions Sprinkler Service. We handle all of your sprinkler and irrigation needs, including installation and repair of your irrigation systems. We also take care of sprinkler blowouts at the end of the season and are more than happy to provide routine maintenance of your system throughout the season. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible customer service, and we are proud to have served the Denver metro area for over two decades. Call us at 720-435-1495 today.