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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Denver Landscaping Service

August 16, 2017

At first glance, landscaping your own yard might seem not that hard or at least like a job that maybe you or an amateur could do. Before you start stocking up on sod and plants, it’s important to realize how a professional, experienced landscaper will benefit you compared to just hiring someone off the street. From experience to materials and ideas, there’s multiple benefits of hiring a professional. Read up on the four reasons why you should hire a professional from your Denver landscaping service!


Let’s face it: there’s a lot to landscaping. If you or an amateur are just starting out, you don’t know all of the steps involved before you even start a project. Years of experience certainly matter because this means that the professional has been through hundreds of projects and scenarios. When tasked with a landscaping assignment, they know what to do and what it all entails. They also pride themselves on their quality work and strive to make their client happy. They also have well trained workers that work on different aspects of the project.

Save Money

While it may not be obvious right away, you’ll actually end up saving money by going with a professional landscaper. You probably won’t have the proper equipment and tools like a professional company does to do the heavy lifting and designing. Think about it: do you really want to haul hundreds of pounds of stone and concrete all across your yard? Leave it to the professionals. You can end up spending a ton of money just by getting all the tools and equipment that’s necessary. A landscaping company already has everything you need from shovels, wheel barrows, to mulch and stone!

Ideas Abound

You  may already have a vision for what you want your home and yard to look like, which is a great start! However, there are so many design elements that go into planning out a perfectly groomed outdoor living space. Certain plants and trees can make your home look bigger, or even smaller. Professionals will know what greenery can complement your home and how to angle your patio so it doesn’t look smaller than it did before. They can work with you to create your dream outdoor space and up the value of your home.

High Quality Materials

Professionals don’t cheap out on materials. Period. When you hire a landscaping company, they’ll use the highest quality materials to make your outdoor living space look the best as it possibly can. Your neighbors will end up envious over your yard! You could buy materials yourself but cheap materials, as well as tools, don’t last as long and end up looking inferior. For a yard with materials that will last and last, trust in a professional.

Want more reasons to hire a professional? Here are 10 reasons to hire a professional landscaper.  

When it comes to hiring the best of the best to landscape your yard, Water Solutions Sprinkler Service is your go-to company! With over years of experience, we know what works for the Denver area and how to make your outdoor living space the best it can possibly look. We’ll help you create a look that will last for years to come. Learn more about our landscaping services. When you’re ready to get started, call us at 720-435-1495 or get a free estimate!

Four Myths About Denver Sprinkler Installations

August 9, 2017

Installing a sprinkler system for your landscaping is a definite investment, and it needs to be done properly by a professional. A properly functioning irrigation system will not only maintain your beautiful landscaping, it will preserve the life of your lawn. So much goes into a sprinkler system such as proper coverage, seasonal climates, and normal wear and tear. There are a lot of myths out there about sprinkler systems, so it’s important you know the truth from your Denver sprinkler experts!

Myth 1: Irrigation systems are overrated, a garden hose works just fine!

We recommend installing an irrigation system as it’s extremely cost effective to help your lawn. Certain sprinklers have sensors so they can monitor when your lawn needs watering, and how much water is needed. Sensors like these can save up to 20% on your water bill each month. Rotary heads spread heavy droplets of water so your lawn can really soak it up!

Myth 2: Watering at night encourages the growth of fungus

The best time to water your lawn is about an hour before sunrise. Fungus is caused by high humidity or over-watering, not necessarily the time of day you water. Watering at the perfect time and not midday when it’s very hot out helps with a loss of water due to evaporation. Watering before sunrise gives water an ample amount of time to soak into the ground, yet the blades of grass are damp for a shorter amount of time than at night, which prevents fungus from growing. Night air is damp which softens the soil so nutrients and water can soak in more easily. Learn more about the most effective time of day for lawn watering.

Myth 3: I don’t need to water my lawn if it just rained

At first glance, it’s easy to understand why some might think this myth is true. But, the fact of the matter is, during a rainstorm the water doesn’t necessarily get fully absorbed by the grass. Most of the rainwater becomes runoff or evaporates. Smart sensors help with determining the amount of water your lawn needs after a storm. Professionals, like us, will also help make sure your sprinkler system delivers the proper amount of water each and every time.

Myth 4: I need to water my lawn every day

If you water your lawn every day, the roots won’t be able to grow deep enough because they simply won’t have to. You want your lawn to have deep roots so it will last for years and years. If you ever have a problem in your sprinkler system or a drought comes about, your lawn won’t know what to do because it’s used to being watered every day. Be aware of the misconceptions for watering your lawn during a drought. Simply put, it won’t become resilient to normal inconveniences. It’s best to talk with us to determine the best strategy for your lawncare!

You can call these four myths, busted! At Water Solutions Company, we have over two decades of experience installing sprinklers in the Denver Metro area. You can trust that we will provide quality service and make you 100% happy. Give us a call today for a free estimate for sprinkler installation and other sprinkler and landscaping services in the Denver area!

4 Benefits of Installing a Rotary Sprinkler System

August 2, 2017

Installing a rotary sprinkler system can lend itself to a multitude of benefits for your lawn. Having a beautiful, well-groomed yard improves the appeal and value of your property, and also creates an outdoor area perfect for friend/family gatherings. Not sure on what a rotary sprinkler is? Rotary sprinkler systems maintain the quality of your landscape investment, and keep your lawn looking amazing all year round. Why are rotary sprinkler systems a favorite for Denver sprinkler services? Keep reading to find out the top four benefits of this excellent system:

They’re Economical

Underground irrigation systems are expensive, and take a lot of work to install. Rotary sprinkler system heads are inexpensive and much more economical than underground systems. Here at Water Solutions, we have over two decades of experience installing sprinklers in the Denver area. We promise we will not crush or ruin pipes while burying rotary sprinkler heads, we will avoid damage to your yard, and ensure that the rotary heads delivers water optimally to your lawn.

Water Is Used More Efficiently

Water conservation is growingly more important. By using rotary sprinklers you can use water more effectively and reduce water waste. Rotary sprinklers apply water efficiently so you don’t have to worry about overwatering or underwatering. They also reduce runoff from lawns that carry pesticides or fertilizer than eventually flows into gutters, rivers, or streams. Rotary sprinklers reduces your impact on the environment slowly but surely.

Optimal Water Levels

When you read about spray head sprinkler systems, you’ll find that they are more prone to water waste runoff and do not evenly water your yard and plans. Rotary heads have a lower precipitation rate allowing nutrients to soak into the soil and provide your plants with optimal water levels and nutrients from the soil. If you have taller plants, never fear! Rotary heads allow streams to reach them as well. Your plants will thank you for installing a rotary head sprinkler system!

Weather Sensors

Most rotary sprinkler systems have the option of adding on a weather sensor. These sensors connect to your system controllers and react to local weather conditions. For example, rain sensors prevent scheduled watering from occurring when it’s already raining. More advanced sensors are out there that can create it’s own watering schedule depending on your local weather conditions. Sensors are relatively inexpensive and are one of the easiest ways you can lower your water bill and conserve water. There are also rebate programs for some states to add sensors into your sprinkler system.

Contact Water Solutions to install your perfect rotary sprinkler system. We have over two decades worth of experience with a prestigious reputation for providing superior sprinkler and landscaping services throughout the Denver area. Read up on what you can expect from your sprinkler installation service. We provide full landscaping services and use the best lawn and sprinkler products on the market. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about a rotary sprinkler system and to help you install the perfect system for your lawn!

Denver Sprinkler Service: 4 Signs Your Sprinkler System Is In Need Of Repair

July 26, 2017

While the summer season is in full swing, you’re sprinkler service should be running at it’s best to make sure your lawn doesn’t suffer in the heat. The summer season also means a lot of outdoor time, so having lush, full grass to play on is key! If you haven’t checked your sprinkler system in a while, you might start noticing your lawn showing signs that your system is in need of repair.

Sprinkler systems are sort of like an orchestra. There are a combination of elements that must be properly working together for the end result to turn out great. How do you know when your system is out of tune? Here are four signs that your sprinkler system is in need of a visit from your Denver sprinkler service.


One of the most obvious signs you’re in need of a professional repair is leaking coming from sprinkler heads or pipes. Not sure why? Read up on why your sprinkler leaks water when the system is turned off. Do a walk around your system to ensure that there aren’t loose sprinkler heads, or dripping and spraying once your system is shut off. If you do notice these signs, call Water Solutions right away so we can fix the problem.

Uneven Watering

Noticing any brown, dead spots and also finding flooded patches in the same yard? This can be caused by a few problems, including improper placement of sprinkler heads to faulty heads to a possible leak. Your water distributio is key for having a lush, full yard that’s properly watered. One of our professionals can find the source of the problem and find a resolution so your grass remains a consistent green for the rest of the summer.

Pressure Problems

Water pressure fluctuations are not good for your lawn or sprinkler system, period. If you have too little pressure, your yard won’t get the water it needs. If you have too much pressure, your system’s equipment will wear out prematurely. Most people that notice these water pressure fluctuations want to assume it has something to do with a valve or regulator, but often the trouble is in the irrigation pipes. Just like your home’s plumbing, irrigation pipes are susceptible to changing ground and invasive roots.

Rising Water Costs

After you’ve had your sprinkler system in place for a while, you know what your home’s normal water bill should be. If you see your bill and notice a huge rise in your water costs, you will want to check your irrigation system. Have one of our professionals check your system up and down, as a spike in water usage is usually a sign of a leak somewhere in your pipes. You’ll want to get this fixed as soon as possible because the longer you let water leak, the longer you’ll let money drain from your wallet.

Make sure you know the steps of checking sprinkler systems this summer. Contact Water Solutions to have one of our experience professionals come out and check your system for repairs. Not only can we help you with your installation or repairs, but we also offer premier landscaping services as well. Contact us today to get some help from the pros!  

Watering Guidelines In The Summer From Your Denver Sprinkler Service

July 19, 2017

While the summer sun brings out outdoor activities and events, it also brings out some of the strongest heat your lawn will experience throughout the year. While you may think watering your lawn all the time is the right move, over watering can actually end up hurting your lawn more than helping it. You can also waste a lot of water by doing so. Water consumption in the summer more than doubles compared to any other season, and over watering and improper lawn irrigation can be to blame. To ensure that your lawn is always looking it’s best, and to avoid water waste, follow these watering guidelines for optimal results!

When To Water

The morning. It’s as simple as that. In the morning, the air is cooler making it the perfect temperature for your lawn to soak it up. Wind usually isn’t an issue in the morning, either, which could blow away droplets of water if it’s too strong. If you water in the evenings, you risk causing a lawn disease. Water clings to blades of grass overnight, which can sit there and promote a fungus. Watering at night can be one of the worst things to do for your lawn.

Water Frequency

One of the biggest questions that people have when it comes to sprinkler systems is how often they should be watering their lawn. Well, for starters you have to take into account natural rainfall and then your sprinkler system. During the summer, your lawn should ideally receive between one and one and a half inches of water each week. Water your lawn every other day for optimal results. If you water your lawn every two days and ensure it gets about a third of an inch of water each time, this will create deeper grass roots. The deeper your lawn’s roots are, the better it is at protecting against a drought. Following this water system is the smarter way to water your lawn.

Inspecting Your Sprinkler System

If you’re noticing soil erosion, soggy landscape, or standing water, it’s imperative to check your irrigation system as soon as possible. Sprinklers should be checked often because they can become damaged or misdirected very easily if they are above ground. Check your irrigation lines and valves for any leaks. Make sure your sprinkler heads aren’t being blocked by obstacles or objects. Make sure they’re actually spraying on your yard, and not your driveway or sidewalk. Finally, check your valves! Even if one valve is leaking, it can cause a high water bill and water waste. Check each one thoroughly before you turn on your system. These simple steps for checking of sprinkler systems this summer will keep your yard looking beautiful, and keep your water bill down!

If you’re still looking for some help determining the best water guidelines for your yard, give Water Solutions Sprinkler Service a call at 720-435-1495! Contact us today to see how we can help you curate a beautiful yard that lasts all summer long!