Aurora Sprinkler Blowouts & Winterization


Aurora Sprinkler Blowouts and Winterization

It is important to have regular sprinkler blowouts conducted on your sprinkler and irrigation systems each winter, especially in Aurora where the frost level reaches the depth of your sprinklers" piping. Sprinkler blowouts are an important part of yard winterization so that residual water does not freeze, expand, and then crack the pipes.

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Even if you live in a warm climate, periodic sprinkler blowouts can preserve the efficiency and durability of your system by clearing out debris and buildup which can naturally occur in your irrigation system over time.

  • 20 minutes to drain all the water from sprinkler hoses and pipes"”  This step gets most of the water out of the system, but cannot get everything.
  • High-pressured air is blown through the sprinkler system to flush out any leftover water"” This step is extremely important because even the tiniest amount of water leftover in your irrigation system can freeze and crack the sprinkler pipes.
  • Ultimately saves you money– Professional sprinkler blowouts are a necessary part of lawn care and sprinkler maintenance. It can cost you hundreds of dollars to replace pipes that have cracked due to freezing or debris buildup.

Why You Should Leave It to the Professionals

Although sprinkler blowouts are a simple procedure for professionals, it can be quite dangerous to attempt for yourself.

Compressed air can cause serious injury without the necessary precaution and without the proper air compressor, the sprinkler blowout will not push out all the water and you may end up with damaged valves or pipes anyway.

Why Water Solutions Company?

Over the last two decades, we have provided thousands of clients with sprinkler blowouts in the Denver and Aurora area.

We always provide the following services as part of our sprinkler blowouts packages:

  • We use the highest quality equipment to ensure the sprinkler blowout works for every part of your irrigation system
  • Our technicians have experience with multiple sprinkler brands and know how to handle their various intricacies
  • We make ourselves available by phone or email to answer questions or concerns about sprinkler blowouts and winterization

Don"t make the mistake of passing up on essential winterization care for your beautiful lawn. Sprinkler blowouts can easily help prevent unnecessary winter damage to your irrigation system, so call today for more information on sprinkler blowouts and irrigation system maintenance.

*Please Note: Sprinkler blowout service is merely a service provided.  We do not guarantee or warranty sprinkler blowouts.*

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