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How Over or Under Watering Can Kill Landscaping and Reasons for Denver Sprinkler Repair

When it comes to properly caring and watering a lawn, over time the quality may fade. In some circumstances, it is user error. It can be easy to over or under water a lawn. However, there are times where a sprinkler system has aged or is malfunctioning. In these cases, it is best to consider Denver sprinkler repair. Learn the negative impact over or under watering a lawn may have, and signs you need to have your system repaired.

Over Watering

When too much or too little water is used on a lawn, it can slowly kill it and all the work and money you put into it. For over watering, you may notice certain spots feel squishy when you walk on them. Another top sign you may notice are pools of water throughout the yard, or large amounts of runoff from these pools where water is just trying to find somewhere else to go.  Also, when there is an excess of water, it becomes one of the best conditions for fungus to grow. If you notice this, cut back immediately on the output of water. It is also best to water early in the morning if possible. Last, overwatered lawns will begin to shrivel. If you know you have been giving it at least ample amount of water, you’ll know this means you have done too much and should scale back.

Under Watering

Wilting and shriveling plants is also a sign of under watering your lawn and landscaping. What separates this shriveling effect from overwatering is the color. Grass and plants that need more water begin to brown and provide a crisp texture. In many cases, plants can still be saved and you can monitor the soil to see how much they need. Simply dig a small two-inch hole post-watering to see the affects, and keep checking back. Adjust your schedule as-needed until your plant comes back to life. Also, if your plants are not growing at a pace you expect, it can also be the cause of a lack of water.

Repairing Your Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are one of the best ways to ensure plants and landscaping receive the water they need. However, if the sprinkler system is beginning to fail, leading to too much or too little water, it can become problematic. In these instances, it is best to have it serviced. You may notice some of the signs above, or uneven patches. Certain areas might be flourishing while others are beginning to brown and have a crispy texture. Grass also might have a hard time growing under trees and shrubs, which is also a negative sign.

In addition to signs that your lawn is fading, you may notice issues with your sprinkler system. Learn the most common sprinkler head problems in your Denver lawn irrigations system. To make sure your unit is working properly, contact your premier go-to water experts at Water Solutions Sprinkler Service. We are your local contact that will make sure your sprinkler is putting out the right amount of water and working as it should. Call us today at 720-435-1495.