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How Much Water Your Landscaping Needs and Benefits of Denver Sprinkler Service

When it comes to your lawn, you may be over or under watering it without realizing it. Over time, this will lead to the deterioration of your lawns and landscaping that you have spent so much time to maintain! As you prepare for spring, learn more about how much water your lawn and landscaping needs. If you haven’t invested in a sprinkler system, a Denver sprinkler service can help install a unit to eliminate any issues with over and under watering. Plus, it will give you quality time back in your day.  


Caring for a lawn is one of the highest uses of water in the American home. Nearing almost 30 percent of overall household use, it can also be one of the top ways water is wasted. In DIY’s “Tips for Watering Your Lawn the Right Way,” there is not necessarily a cut and paste answer to watering a lawn. You must take into consideration soil, sunlight, the outside temperature and what kind of grass you have. For soil, they explain if you see puddling after you water your lawn, it may have a higher clay content which means it does not absorb water as well. For this type of soil, shorter bursts of water are better. They add that areas under shade may need watered more often.  Overall in Denver, unless specified otherwise, there are not specific days to water. However, in “Watering Your Lawn,” Denver water explains that residents shouldn’t water over three times per week. Ideally, they say it is best to use a 14-minute run time in seven minute increments, for up to an inch of water in one week. Use this as a base line and take the weather and your soil type into consideration. Last, the best time to water is early in the morning. Try to handle this before 10 a.m., otherwise, water in the evening after 6 p.m.

Plants and Landscaping

Landscaping is such a large task that makes the front of your home look beautiful. The last thing you want is to ruin the beauty and all the work you put in by over or under watering. For watering plants, test to see how your soil handles the water. You can do this by digging a small two-inch hole and observing how the water is absorbed. You will want to avoid overwatering where water sits in the plant for long periods of time. Trees and bushes typically require watering one or two times per week (perhaps more if the climate is hot and there is no precipitation). Your plants and flowers are usually okay to be watered once per week. Aim for a half of an inch of water for the week, but adjust based on outdoor conditions.

Sprinkler Systems

One of the best ways to conserve water and ensure your lawn and landscaping receives the proper amount of water is through a sprinkler system. This will take into consideration the outside elements and output the best amount of water. Learn more about the benefits of an automatic lawn sprinkler system in Denver to see how it can help keep your lawn looking great.

For premier sprinkler service for your lawn and landscaping, Water Solutions Sprinkler Service has you covered. We are your local go-to sprinkler installer with a wide variety of products and services to keep your lawn looking great and your water bill where it should be. Contact us today at 720-435-1495 to get started on your free estimate.