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Hardscaping for Your Denver Commercial Space

January 4, 2017

Denver homeowners have been choosing pavers over concrete and wood for their outdoor spaces for years. Pavers are popular because they are attractive, economical, environmentally friendly, and durable. Interlocking pavers aren’t just for homes; they’re perfect for commercial space as well. If you’re thinking of giving your business exterior a facelift, pavers are a great choice. Pavers are superior to any other substrate when it comes to permanence, endurance, and beauty. Why use pavers? See how they stack up on our handy comparison list.
Adding a paver patio to your business creates an inviting and elevated first impression for your customers. You may choose to meet with clients in the beautiful Colorado sunshine instead of in a stuffy office, immediately putting them at ease. It also provides a comfortable place for your employees to enjoy their lunch break or to just step outside for a few minutes to unwind and get some fresh air. Pavers have many other advantages as well.

High Impact for Low Cost

They are inexpensive to install and are designed to last a lifetime. Large temperature swings are very hard on concrete and can cause cracks and edge crumbling.  If a concrete driveway or patio cracks the whole thing will likely have to be demolished and reinstalled. Pavers rarely crack but if they do, singular stones or small areas can easily be removed and replaced, leaving the rest intact. They also require little maintenance. Mother Nature does most of the work with just some occasional light sweeping required.

Aesthetic Advantages

There are few things less inspiring than a slab of concrete or a splintering deck. Pavers create a sophisticated, finished look while still remaining informal and engaging. They come in a rainbow of colors to match any building type or even complement the colors of your external signage, making it more visible. We can also create planters or other focal points to really draw attention to your business making it distinctive and easy to locate.

Environmental Advantages

Pavers can save you money on your water bill by cutting down on grass that requires a lot of watering during the hot and dry summers. It also makes landscaping easier to maintain. Weeds are easier to control in raised beds and they also provide better drainage for healthier plants, shrubs, and flowers. Rainfall is able to soak through pavers to provide moisture to the ground, unlike concrete where it pools and evaporates or is wasted and drained into the sewer. Not only will pavers cut your water bill but your summer air conditioning bill as well. Concrete reflects heat back into buildings raising the temperature by 10 degrees or more in some cases. Stone pavers reflect very little to maintain a comfortable temperature on your patio and don’t magnify heat into your building.

Our design consultants can help you pick the perfect color, size and pattern to complement your outdoor space. We can help you come up with a plan to totally revamp your business’s exterior, dress up your entryway, or add a custom retaining wall for landscaping. Check out our gallery or these Brick Paver Patios from HGTV for some ideas. Call Water Solutions Sprinkler Service at 720-435-1495 for an estimate today!