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Implementing Sprinkler Systems in Denver

December 7, 2016

Implementing effective sprinkler systems can improve the health of your plants, the beauty of your landscape, and the atmosphere of your home. However, understanding the top types of sprinkler systems can help you determine which system is most appropriate for your landscaping needs. If you want to cultivate a superior landscape, you should learn about the best Denver sprinkler installation service that lawn professionals can provide.

Rotor Sprinkler Systems

Premier Denver landscaping companies can install rotor sprinkler systems. A rotor sprinkler features a sprinkler body that is mounted on a platform, a swinging mechanism can strike the sprinkler, and this enables the sprinkler body to gradually spin and rotate while distributing water to your lawn. There are many advantages to rotor sprinkler systems. The rhythmic and balanced rotation allows the sprinklers to distribute water evenly to each section of your yard, generate uniform growth among the plants, and ensure that each section receives the optimal amount of water and nutrients required to flourish with exceptional health and to radiate with exquisite beauty.
The rotary nozzles can also maximize the water efficiency. Many experts avoid using traditional spray sprinklers because the spray heads tend to wastewater, increase your water bills, and damage the soil and plants in your yard. In contrast, rotary nozzles are significantly more efficient and effective than traditional spray heads. The timing systems and the spinning motions enable each rotor sprinkler to irrigate a substantial amount of territory and to refrain from overwatering any particular area. As a result, rotors can help you conserve water, lower your bills, and enjoy an even and lush landscape.

Pop-Up Sprinkler Systems

You can also utilize pop-up rotor sprinklers for your Denver sprinkler system. Pop-up sprinklers are buried in the ground and connected to springs that can elevate the heads above ground when watering the plants and retract the heads back into the ground while the sprinklers are dormant. The diversity of styles from which you can choose is especially beneficial. For instance, pop-up rotary nozzles can fulfill many different timing and distribution patterns so you can determine which particular patterns would be most conducive for your yard. The pop-up sprinklers are especially appropriate for small areas and gardens, as the sprinklers can quickly and accurately distribute water to each plant in the area. Additionally, the ability for pop-up sprinklers to remain in the ground while dormant increases the safety of your yard and enhances the pristine beauty of your lawn.  

Drip Irrigation System

The top Denver landscaping companies can also install a drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation systems utilize plastic tubes, the tubes feature tiny emitter holes, and water can slowly drip through the holes and drop down onto the soil. This is an effective method for watering trees and shrubs. The water can drip directly onto the base of the plants, soak deep into the soil, and ensure that water and nutrients can reach the roots of the plants. This is also beneficial for trees and shrubs because the drip irrigation systems can prevent infestations. Allowing tree leaves to be drenched with excessive amounts of water can attract pests, facilitate diseases, and impair the health of your yard. As a result, drip irrigation systems can repel disease or pest infestations by refraining from watering the leaves on your trees and shrubs.
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