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Benefits of an Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System in Denver

November 16, 2016

When you have a beautiful lawn, it says a lot about your home, your family, and the type of investment you are making in your neighborhood - a well kept lawn shows you care. To keep your lawn maintained it is best to use an automatic sprinkler system. An automatic sprinkler system has many benefits, much more than just maintaining the lawn and keeping it green. A fully automated sprinkler system could save you time - individuals who water with a hose can often miss crucial watering times or waste valuable time for themselves. Additionally, with a sprinkler system, you might be able to conserve more water, but that will also depend on the size of the lawn. An automatic sprinkler system for the lawn means that you can get more done in less time and your neighbors and onlookers will come to appreciate the value it offers to the neighborhood.

The Installation

If your home is newly constructed, then you also should be looking at your lawn and landscape. A professional landscaper will be able to install a sprinkler system so you can begin the journey of creating a beautiful environment. Even if you have already planted your trees and a garden, feel free to contact your local landscaping service for assistance with the installation of your sprinkler system, which most likely was put in place before the sod was laid. Install your sprinkler system before the winter weather hits - don’t wait until spring, when Denver sprinkler services are in high demand.

Existing Property

If you are trying to installing a sprinkler system to an existing property, this will involve some digging. However, a professional installer will have other methods to minimize any grass disturbance such as creating narrow furrows in the area where pipes may be buried. It will usually take roughly a month for plowed grass to heal and for your yard to look as full again.

The Design

The sprinkler is a simulation of rainfall and again, it prevents the use of a hose. For a sprinkler design to be effective, it has to include a specific type of spray head for the right water pressure. If you have a big yard, you may have to consider choosing from a wide variety of zones and spray heads. If the topography of your lawn is diverse, then you may need to think about choosing different types of sprinkler heads, even with one sprinkler system. The installer will consider the spray radius and also your water coverage. This allows for all areas of the lawn to be watered.

The Sprinkler Heads

The newer sprinkler heads are not obtrusive and they are usually not visible to anyone unless the lawn is being watered. It is only when they automatically turn on do they actually come above ground level. There are several types that you might want to consider:
  • Misters – distributes water in 360 degree spray on medium sized lawns
  • Arc Spray – Flow of water is controlled and comes out in an arc-like direction
  • Rotary – driven by gears, covers wide areas, and sprays in a single stream
  • Bubblers and Drip Lines – watering takes place close to the home’s foundation
  • Impact – this produces low water pressure and won’t clog easily, but observable above ground
Your grass needs the right amount of moisture to remain green and healthy. Automatic sprinkler systems take the speculation out of watering the lawn. You will save time, money, and effort in the long run. Do you want to have an automatic sprinkler system installed on your property? Contact Water Solutions Sprinkler Service at 720-435-1495 to make sure your lawn is ready for Spring.