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Denver Landscaping Experts, Why Xeriscaping Is the Best Option

November 9, 2016

Maintaining a landscape in a dry climate where drought is imminent is a difficult challenge that can prevent you from enjoying a high-quality lawn. Since water is scarce many lawn owners feel guilty about watering. However you have another option, xeriscaping services can help alleviate this problem. Establishing a xeriscape allows your yard to display a gorgeous yard of thriving plants during drought and colder months, with minimal water requirements. If you are interested in conserving water and cultivating a beautiful landscape, you should learn more about the Denver landscaping services from the experts at Water Solutions in Denver.

Drought-Resistant Plants

The best Denver landscaping companies can design a xeriscape by providing drought-resistant plants that are able to survive and thrive with very low amounts of water. This is especially appropriate for the Denver area, as the city experiences low moisture and rain levels during the spring and summer seasons, and during colder months grass, plants and flowers die.  Xeriscaping can be very cost and time effective by significantly reducing your water bills each month and the amount of time you send tending to your yard.

You can also choose from a diverse range of drought-resistant plants. For instance, lawn professionals typically provide a vast selection of drought-resistant plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs. The experts also consider the pest and climate tendencies of your area when selecting which plants can thrive in your landscape.  

Soiling Techniques

You would also benefit from the soiling techniques that premier Denver xeriscaping services can fulfill. Using appropriate soils can help retain moisture, allow the available water to penetrate deep down to the roots of the plants, and ensure that each plant receives the sufficient amount of nutrients required to flourish with minimal water.  Mulch layers can also help you develop a high-quality xeriscape. Mulch consists of tiny pieces of tree bark, leaves, and peat moss. Having landscaping professionals apply mulch layers onto the soil provides many xeriscaping benefits.  For instance, the mulch can retain moisture to maximize the amount of nutrients each plant receives, regulate the ground temperature to prevent the soil from overheating during the scorching days of summer, and help fertilize the soil to enhance the growth of your plants and the health of your landscape.  

Efficient Irrigation

Top Denver landscaping companies can also install efficient irrigation systems for your xeriscape. The lawn professionals usually provide effective sprinkler systems that can supply each plant with the appropriate amount of water needed to remain healthy while using the lowest amount of water possible. For instance, the spinning features of rotor sprinklers can distribute water throughout each section of your yard, timing systems can prevent the sprinkler systems from wasting any water, and this can ensure that each plant receives adequate nutrients with minimal water usage. As a result, the efficient sprinklers can help you overcome droughts, conserve water, and enable your plants to grow and thrive during dry spells.

Water Solutions to plan your xeriscape today. Our expert staff has been satisfying customers for over 20 years and is revered throughout the Denver area for providing exceptional landscaping services.  We can handle any of your landscaping or xeriscaping needs, we have access to superior products and we would be happy to help maximize the beautiful appearance of your landscape and the healthy of your yard.