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How to Perform Sprinkler Blowouts in Denver

November 2, 2016

During the winter, the water left in your irrigation system can freeze and expand, causing the pipes and valves to crack, which is why sprinkler blowouts in Denver are so important. Blowouts, the process of getting the leftover water out of your irrigation system, should always be performed by a professional. But, you should prepare for your appointment by learning about what goes into the blowout and winterization process. Here’s what you should expect:
Turn everything off
Before the irrigation professional begins, he will turn off all the water at the main valve, and shut off the timer, also known as the controller. If your controller can be turned to “rain mode,” switch it over to this setting, but otherwise it will need to be completely shut down.

Remove the backflow preventer

Next, the irrigation professional will remove the backflow preventer. This will not be needed until temperatures heat up again in the spring, so store it somewhere safe so it doesn’t get damaged during the winter. Learn more about irrigation backflow preventers.

Use the air compressor

This is the part of the process where it becomes clear why you need a professional. If you were to do this on your own, you would probably end up using a shop vacuum to remove the water, but a professional has access to an air compressor, which is much more powerful and effective for this step of the process. The air compressor will be connected to the backflow preventer riser, and then the valves will be turned on one by one. You will start to notice excess water being blown out of the pipes and escaping through the sprinkler heads in your yard. Once the water coming out of the sprinklers turns into a mist, and then eventually stops altogether, it’s time to move to the next one.
While the irrigation professional is blowing out each valve, he will need to keep a close eye on the pressure gauge. If too little pressure is being used, the blowout won’t be effective, but if too much is applied, it could cause damage to the pipes.
Finishing Touches
After the blowout is complete, the irrigation professional will have to ensure any drops of water that may still remain within the system will drain out. This is done by adjusting all of the petcocks and ball valves to a half-open, half-closed position. This angle will enable the water to slowly drain out before it freezes and causes damage to your irrigation system.
Remember, it’s always recommended that you allow a professional to tackle this project. When you’re ready to prepare your sprinklers for winter with a blowout, contact the experts at Water Solutions. Here at Water Solutions, we’ve been providing sprinkler services to the Denver area for over 22 years. Our team at Water Solutions consists of landscapers and other professionals who are dedicated to providing the best to our customers, which is why we always guarantee all of our products and services. Contact us today for a free estimate!