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Tips for Balancing Your Denver Hardscape

October 19, 2016

Whether you want to hardscape your walkway, driveway, patio, or pool area, it will bring an appeal of luxury to your home. Many homeowners consider it too problematic to hardscape their outdoor spaces, even though, it might be necessary. Many have actually given up on the idea of creating a cohesive outdoor space that is pleasing to the eyes and provides great curb appeal. However, this can be achieved by soliciting the help of a professional landscaper with the experience to turn boring outdoor space into something of wonder.

The Traditional Way

The key to traditionally integrating your hardscape and landscape is employing balance by planting trees in a row for a formal effect. However, not many homeowners have the land acreage to do so. So what can be done then? You can still use traditional principles, but in a more innovative and exciting way. Talk to our expert hardscapers at Water Solutions in Denver, Colorado.

The Aesthetics

Asymmetrical balance will allow the landscaper to blend both informal and formal plantings. This means that one garden bed is created larger than another, but may appear equal as it is weighted. A stone pillar can be put in to imitate a lamp post. This provides continuity to the specific space. Break up everything in zones, planting a smaller bed in two zones for prominence and visual attractiveness. Placing a carpet of ground coverage in the forefront of each bed will provide the extra dose of peaceful continuity.

Make Use of Rhythm

Balance can be achieved through rhythm. Plant several of the zones in measured intervals to accomplish rhythm. The plants, especially roses, will offer that peaceful continuity, evoking a picture of Victorian England. Use boulders restrictively to effectively accomplish the same continuity from one area of the hardscape to the opposite side. Try not to overdo this. Instead, allow the plants to spread out onto the hardscape by their own doing. Using this technique appropriately will help to soften the hardscape edges and offer the same side to side continuity.

Opt for Repetition

You can opt for repetition by using hydrangeas, ornamental grasses, and perennial spreads into the garden area. Of course, there will be some planning required as well as maintenance in order to ensure that the plants are not cumbersome to your visitors nor do they appear to be overgrown. In the same manner, boulders can be used to slightly overlap the walkway for the same side to side continuity. However, make sure that this is done safely so none of your visitors will trip over it.

The Oasis

Plants could be directly integrated into your hardscape. The landscape designer will know how to soften and embrace the hardscape by directly placing ground coverage into the shared areas of the sidewalk. This will bring attention to the house and create an oasis in the middle of the walkway.

If you want to balance your hardscape and transform your boring concrete sidewalk into an amazing sanctuary, speak to the landscape designers with the expertise. To further discuss this, visit Water Solutions Sprinkler Service or contact the experts at 720-435-1495.