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How Adding a Denver Patio and Walkway Can Enhance Your Yard

October 12, 2016

Having your own backyard oasis for recreation and leisure is a simple yet big asset for homeowners. Carving out a small space for a paved patio and walkway can increase the aesthetic and sale value of your home. The endless variations, from building material to patterns, make it effortless to design the perfect patio that incorporates the specific layout and elements of your yard. Getting this outdoor area installed by your local Denver landscaping experts expands your living space; it’s not just a lawn anymore, it’s a whole new living space!


One of the biggest advantages of having a patio is that it gives you the perfect place to unwind, cold or hot drink in hand, after a long day. You can sit comfortably outside, observing your garden and yard, as the breeze and sun wash over you. It’s a great way to allow you the space and time to appreciate your home from a new, outdoor vantage point.


Your next get-together for family and friends will be a snap, as there will be space for all of your outdoor entertaining needs. From cozy patio furniture to the grill and its tools, you can keep everything outside in one location; no more constant kitchen back-and-forth. There’s also more room for guests to stand, sit, and move around as they chat. You have the conveniences of an inside room, as well as the freedom and spaciousness of no walls. You can even keep an eye on the kids playing in the yard while you cook and mingle.


A walkway and patio increase the aesthetic value of your home, as your backyard will appear more developed and polished. The inclusion of an outdoor entertainment area can boost the value of your property, especially if you own a smaller home. Installation itself is low-cost, as patio paving stones are reasonably priced, and most building projects take only a day or two. Compared to the expense and time of constructing a deck and stairs―not to mention the permits and paperwork required―having your own patio is hassle-free.


Pavers and stones are highly durable, with rain and hail have little impact on well-installed patios and walkways. They will hold up nicely over the years with little maintenance aside from the occasional sweep and perhaps some weeding.  If damage does occur, the individual stones can be replaced quickly and cheaply.


Making your way through the yard to your patio can be hazardous without a walkway. Uneven terrain and rocks can trip visitors up, and depending on how big your yard is, people could have difficulty even locating the patio! Patios are built with your yard’s terrain as the guidelines, allowing water to flow to your lawn instead of puddling.


Aside from being able to create a patio unlike anyone else’s with the wide array of materials and patterns available, you can always add or take away elements to suit your needs. It’s an ever-evolving area that can be constantly tailored throughout the seasons. You can further personalize your outdoor space with the addition of a fireplace, water feature, planters, and sitting walls.

Let the professionals at Water Solutions help you with the design and installation of your patio project. We offer free estimates for our building services, so check out our project gallery online and give us a call at 720-435-1495 to get started.