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Landscaping Can Significantly Impact Denver Home Values

Ask any realtor, and they will advise you to install and maintain landscaping for your home, because they know it significantly affects Denver property values. In fact, your landscaping increases your property value as well as affects the value of every home in your neighborhood. At Water Solutions, we are your Denver service experts. We can install, improve and maintain your landscaping to keep your – and your neighbors' – property values high.  

Studies have shown that if you make a positive change to your landscaping, it enhances the price and reduces a home’s time on the market. But if the change is negative or if there is overall neglect of the landscaping, it can lower the price and lengthen the time a home remains for sale.

Curb appeal is the homeowner’s opportunity to make a great first impression and is essential when selling a home. The first ten seconds when a prospective homebuyer drives up and sees your home, is the most important factor in determining if they even want to get out and come to look around.

Landscaping typically refers to lawns, trees, bushes and flowers. But other things can also be considered to be part of landscaping, such as fire pits, decks, patios, waterfalls, swimming pools and outdoor lighting – all of which add to the value of the home. It is also advisable to check out what your neighbors have done and keep landscaping maintenance and improvements on par with neighborhood norms.

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, tree dangers include and trees too close to buildings may be fire hazards. Additionally, larger tree root systems that extend underneath a house can cause foundation uplift and can leech water from the soil beneath foundations, causing the structures to settle and sink unevenly.

If you are considering landscape installation or makeovers for your home, ask yourself the following questions when it comes to the quality of your home’s green space:
  • Is the landscaping attractive enough to make the prospective buyer walk through the front door? Keep the design contemporary and in line with comparable properties in the area.
  • Could the landscaping provide cost savings? Depending on your area, maintaining a drought-tolerant yard in Denver could be desirable depending on the geographic area.
  • Is the landscaping energy-efficient for the home overall? For example, it’s a good idea to plant trees in a place where they block the sun in locations with year-round hot climates.
  • Are the trees planted at a safe distance from the home and are they healthy and well maintained? Weak, old or damaged trees planted too close to a home or building could pose dangers to the home’s structure and will need to be removed.
Your service experts on landscaping in Denver are the experienced staff at Water Solutions Sprinkler Services, because not only do we install sprinklers, Water Solutions has a staff that includes landscapers as well as other professionals that specialize in yard installation and maintenance. You can rest assured that we always have an interest in delivering our best to you. We offer free estimates for stress-free lawns in Denver. Call us today at (720) 435-1495 for your free estimate.