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Creating Front Yard Curb Appeal with the Most Effective Landscaping

September 21, 2016

When your lawn is neglected or looks out of place, it can negatively affect the curb appeal of your home. In fact, it can reduce the value of your home, making it more difficult when you get ready to sell. Buyers are usually turned off from the idea of purchasing a home that has not been well maintained, outside and inside. Your property could spend a long time on the real estate market, if you don’t pay attention to curb appeal. It could even hurt the asking price where buyers negotiate for a lower price. In going a step further, some buyers may not even want to enter your home if the landscaping is bad.

Bad Landscaping

Even more importantly, when the landscaping is bad, it puts a damper on the way that you would normally enjoy your home. You probably don’t want to go out into your yard for that very reason. Don’t let this happen to you. Let’s look at some mistakes homeowners make and how this affects the curb appeal of their homes.

Planting Without Preparation

If you are going to plant anything in your yard, it is important to have a plan so you can prepare for the right seasons with the appropriately selected plants or trees. Take time to create a plan and a plot for your yard so you can get the most enjoyment out of your efforts and also to improve the curb appeal. Having the appropriate design is one of the main ingredients of your landscaping plan. You have to consider the yard size, making sure that the design can be applied to the available space. A landscape professional can help you with your plan and execution. This is recommended since the professional may have to elevate the yard and make significant changes.

Hardiness Zones

It is not ideal to buy selected plants from a catalog, especially when you are not certain if the plants will be suitable for your plant hardiness zone. You may end up having plants that die precipitately, need constant watering, and require winter coverage. It is also important to look at the plant labels for the type of hardiness zones to use.

Making Changes

You should resist the temptation to use carpet grass in your yard or to create a monotonous landscape. To create curb appeal, you have to change the way your lawn looks now, but also create a more improved landscape. A professional landscape designer will be able to do this for you by combining different plants for specific seasons. When they bloom, your hard will light up the neighborhood and community.

Wild Weeds

Weeds can destroy the appearance of your landscape and compete with other vegetation for food and water. Weeds can also curtail the longevity of stone, brick, and pavers as it grows in mortar fractures. A professional landscaper knows how to stop these weeds from spreading and choking your healthy grass and plants.

If you really want to change the look of your property and create an amazing curb appeal, then it is time to take action. Contact the landscaping design at Water Solutions Sprinkler Service at 720-435-1495.