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Steps to Follow in Preparation for Your Landscaping

August 17, 2016

To complete a landscaping project, you have to do some preparation, whether the lawn is large or small. The professional landscaper is experienced and skilled enough to have most of this done for you. Make sure that your landscaper is experienced in both the design and architectural aspect of the landscaping work, as well as in things such as installing new sprinklers in Denver. This is why you should contact Water Solution if you want to have a beautifully manicured yard. Here are several of the things that we will have to get done in order to prepare:

Water Lines and Utility Cable Wires

A couple of days prior to the landscaping project will begin; the crew will need to have all underground water lines and utility cable wires identified. Markings will be made to show where the landscape will start and stop. However, you will have to call in the companies that originally installed the cable, electric power, sewer, gas and water to indicate to the landscaper where the lines have been laid on your property. Appointments will have to be made with each company. This may take a week or two to have all the technicians to come out to the home.

Focus on the Project
Spray paint is often used by the technicians to make the exact mark of where the lines exist under the ground. However, this may only need to be done extensively, if you are getting a sprinkler system installation or you are planting a tree in a certain spot. It is always still helpful to get this information for the landscape professional before any project starts. It will help to maintain the timeline of the project and allows the landscaper to concentrate on their work rather than on what the technicians have to do.

Removing Yard Clutter

It is important to remove the clutter from your yard, especially if the landscaper is laying sod in the yard. It is surprising to know that homeowners will still have clutter in the yard on the day that the landscapers are scheduled to get the project done. Remove all tools and toys from the yard. As a homeowner, this is your responsibility and not the landscaper. Find somewhere to store these items. Pile them up in the driveway or porch until you can determine where to put them. Your neighbors will understand.

Sod, Trees, and Plants
If trees will be planted, hedges installed, or resodding done, then it is important where your landscaper will park the truck. It would be better to park your vehicle on the street sidewalk instead of your driveway. The size of the trees or plants means that the truck may have to be parked closer to the area where it will be planted or installed. This will make it easier for the professionals to get the job done quicker and better.

If you are thinking about having your landscaping done by a professional, then consider Water Solutions Sprinkler Service. You owe it to yourself and family to have a well manicured lawn. Your neighbors will appreciate it because it will make the neighborhood look great. To discuss your landscaping needs, contact Water Solutions Sprinkler Service at 720-435-1495.