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2016 Denver Outdoor Living Trends Report from Water Solutions

July 20, 2016

Many homeowners are spending more time in their outdoor living areas than in their indoor living areas. That means that trends continue to revolve around creating homey, attractive, livable outdoor spaces that are an extension of the indoor environment. In 2016, expect to see a continuation of this theme in outdoor living design, as well as increases in sustainable, “green,” outdoor living practices. At Water Solutions, we are your Denver service experts, ready to design and install the perfect outdoor kitchen, fireplace, firepit, and hardscapes for you – customized to your exact desires and needs.

Modern outdoor living combines the traditions of gathering family and guests around the living room fireplace and roasting marshmallows over a campfire, into one with outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. This trend is predicted to continue into the 2016 summer, as it is one of the fastest growing new "traditions" in outdoor living. To meet these needs, Water Solutions has a full line of retaining wall and paving ideas that are ideal for creating custom outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

Outdoor kitchens now rival the scope and scale of their indoor counterparts with professional-rated appliances, multiple cooking surfaces, and bar-type seating with ample countertop and prep space. In outdoor kitchen areas, expect to see an increase in brick ovens as more homeowners learn that these attractive fixtures can be used for more than just cooking pizza. They can actually function as a full-use oven.

Top outdoor living trends for 2016 also impact the floor of your outdoor space. Interior floor design is trending towards larger tiles with natural textures, so expect the same for outdoor hardscapes, as outdoor living designs continue to mimic the look of their indoor counterparts. This includes furniture, light fixtures, and decorative accessories too. Expect to see an increase in the popularity of larger format pavers with natural textures and design elements, such as natural flagstone, cut flagstone, and cut slate. Also expect to see an increase in the popularity of durable, outdoor-rated, porcelain tiles – available in a variety of large-format sizes and natural looks, including wood grain and stone textures.

Also expect to see other flooring/hardscape options like stamped concrete. It allows for a wide variety of patterns, colors and overall possibilities. Plus, custom borders, stains and design elements can be added to most concrete patios to make it truly one of a kind. In most cases, the patio surface itself holds the most visual impact, so beautiful stamped concrete will likely be a star attraction in even the most extravagant of outdoor living spaces.

Your premier Denver service experts for designing and installing your outdoor kitchen, firepit, fireplace, and hardscape are the experienced staff at Water Solutions Services, because not only do we install and fix sprinklers in Denver, we have a staff that includes professionals to make your Denver summer outdoor dreams come true. You can rest assured that we always have an interest in delivering our best to you. Call us today at (720) 435-1495 for your free estimate.