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Design, Maintenance and Installation of Sprinkler Systems in Denver

July 6, 2016

If you are a Denver homeowner, you may not have a sprinker system installed and water your own lawn, taking out your garden hose and spraying water all over your yard. Is this the ideal way to take care of a lawn? No one wants to spend hours watering a yard with a hose and then have to roll up the hose after this is done. If this is what you have been doing for a while, then you should be aware that it is no easy task. In fact, it can be a hassle and time consuming. Why not choose an easier way?

The Right Choice
An automatic sprinkler system is the ideal way to water a lawn. It spreads the water evenly and no one will see that unsightly garden hose laying around. The sprinkler system will save you time and money in the long run. You can now enjoy our precious summer evenings, watching the sprinkler come on instead of trudging to the shed for that long garden hose. That is not a pretty picture.

Design of Sprinkler System
Before you can use your sprinkler system, there are some specifics that you need to be aware of. To design a sprinkler system, it is much more than installing the head and having the pipe laid down appropriately. First, the yard has to be correctly measured. The water flow also has to be measured because it could influence the design. The water pressure also has a lot to do with the water flow and how well the system will operate. The flow valves and pipes have to be accurately installed in order to control loss of water pressure and to make sure that the system operates smoothly. In other words, the water flow has to be uniform to have an improved effect.

Maintenance of Sprinkler System
All sprinkler systems should have pipes interconnected above the ground and below the ground. In some cold climates, the pipes installed can get frozen and burst. For that reason, many systems are specifically designed to drain the water from the pipes before the cold season. Many of them come with a switch to shut off the sprinkler, preventing it from activating during the cold season.

Looking for Problems
If water is spraying from one sprinkler and the other is not, then you may have some type of blockage that needs to be fixed. If the sprinkler head is a pop up, then look if there is any dirt or sand in the head, keeping it from operating properly. A leak could also be underground if you see water leakage from the tube feeding. You can hire a sprinkler system specialist to discuss how these things can be done or to provide the maintenance you need for a longer lasting system.

Installation of Sprinkler System
It is safer and far more cost effect to hire a sprinkler system contractor to get this done right the first time around. Contact Water Solutions Sprinkler Service at (720) 435-1495 to discuss your sprinkler system installation objectives.