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Importance of Sprinkler System Maintenance Service in Denver

June 15, 2016

Not every sprinkler system is created the same. In fact, some sprinkler systems are ideally suited for specific tasks compared to others. There are some sprinkler systems that operate more efficiently and effectively than others. The good news for homeowners is that no matter what sprinkler system is used, there are simple actions to take to make sure that the appropriate amount of water needs are met.

Regular Maintenance
Were you aware that regular maintenance of your sprinkler system allows it to run at peak performance? It also makes the elements of the irrigation system last much longer. When your irrigation system is maintained on a regular basis, water waste will be prevented and operating costs lowered. In any event, you will have a healthier lawn and beautiful landscape.

Specific Requirements
Below are specific maintenance requirements that you should take into consideration.
  • Check to make sure that the drain is not opened. If it is, then close them. It could be that it was left open unintentionally.
  • Open the key valve slowly. This will prevent the piping between the backflow and valve from filling up with water.
  • Open a single control valve as you pressurize the channel linked directly from the backflow prevention assembly to the control valves. This allows air to escape from the piping through the heads of the sprinkler so it does not continue to be trapped with air and fill up with water.
  • Allow a specialist to test the backflow or cross connection assembly to make sure it passes the rules and regulations of the city.
  • Run the whole sprinkler system, but be careful to do so a single zone each time.
  • As you run the sprinkler system, look for signs of leaks. Especially look for any damage to the piping or sprinkler heads. If needed, replace or repair as is needed.
With regular maintenance of your sprinkler system, you will be able to check to ensure accuracy in your spray patterns. You will be able to make adjustments to the sprinkler heads to ensure that the landscape is watered and not the pavement or sidewalk. During maintenance, you will be able to clean nozzles that are blocked.

Rain Sensors
It would be helpful if you could have a rain sensor installed. It is necessary to have a rain sensor to automatically shut off the sprinkler system at times when it rains and when a quarter inch of water accumulates. Once the level of moisture subsides, the rain sensor will enable the system and the preceding watering timetable will resume. Be sure to mount your rain sensors in an area that is unobstructed and open to the sky. This minimizes any likely chance of having fallen leaves or debris block the rain sensor. Whether there is rain or sun, you will discover that it is important to maintain your sprinkler system.

If you have any problems with your irrigation system, it can be fixed easily, but the problems have to be identified in order to have it repaired. To efficiently maintain your irrigation system, it is highly suggested that you do regular inspections while the system is in operation. If you encounter problems with your sprinkler or irrigation system, it is best to speak to a specialist like Water Solutions. Contact us today by calling 720-435-1495.