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Trees That will Thrive in Your Denver Landscape

June 8, 2016

Choosing the right tree to plant for your home or business is an important decision. You want a tree that doesn't just survive, but will thrive in the Denver area. You will want to know how big it will get when mature, is it allowed near Denver streets, whether it produces fruit or not, the colors (or lack thereof) it will produce in the fall, will wildlife eat it, will it produce enough shade, etc. At Water Solutions, we are your Denver service experts, ready to design and install the perfect landscape for your home or business that includes trees perfect for the Denver climate.

Getting trees to thrive in your Denver landscape takes work and patience. It's important to choose your trees carefully, because in the Front Range area, we experience wild temperature swings and have very alkaline soil. You are looking for trees that can routinely stand up to 90 mph winds and 60-degree afternoons that within a few hours can turn into 15-degree blizzards.

It is vital to select the right tree for the right spot. You will want to look at things like overhead power lines, obstructions, soil and water conditions, etc.

Here are a few of the top thrivers for the Front Range area:
  • Sour pie cherries perform well in Colorado. They provide beautiful blossoms and tart fruit – all on a relatively small scale, with the Meteor variety being the smallest at about half the size of the others.
  • Honey Crisp apple trees work well. They produce juicy fruit and only get about 12 feet tall. They are hardy to minus 40 degrees. They need a pollinator, so buy two if you don't live in a neighborhood where there are other apple trees.
  • Royal Raindrops crab apple is an ideal flowering tree for the Front Range. It is drought- and wind-resistant with dark red cut-leafed foliage. The tree has a strong upright form and bears nice ornamental fruit.
  • June Snow dogwood is a Front Range-friendly dogwood that comes highly rated by CSU.
  • Seven Sons flower is a small, fall-blooming tree or large shrub. This was a Plant Select Tree of the Year in 2008.
  • Hot Wings Tatarian maple is a local introduction developed by Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery. It is a small, very tough, alkaline-tolerant tree or large shrub. Watch for six weeks each summer, when scarlet "helicopters" contrast with the green foliage. Fall color ranges from orange-red to yellow.

These are just a few of the trees that are hardy here. To get more information about trees for the Denver area, take a look at Denver Parks and Recreation's post, Tree Resources for Property Owners and their white paper: Approved Street Tree List for Denver’s Public Rights-of-way to get info on trees that are and are not allowed near Denver's streets.

Your premier Denver service experts for designing and installing your landscape and trees are the experienced staff at Water Solutions Services. Our knowledgable staff can help install landscaping as well as repair and install sprinklers in your lawn. You can rest assured that we always have an interest in delivering our best to you. Call us today at (720) 435-1495 for your free estimate.