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Call a Denver Sprinkler Repair Service to Fix Broken Sprinklers Quickly

May 18, 2016

Broken sprinklers can be problematic for many reasons. If you’ve noticed problems with your sprinklers, or if you have excessive water in your lawn that is not supposed to be there, don’t wait too long to call a Denver sprinkler repair service to come to your home and address the issues. There are many reasons that you should hire professionals instead of an amateur individual or group. Here are some of the top reasons to hire a service to take care of the issue before it gets out of control:
  1. Unclogging Pipes is Difficult
    Unclogging pipes can be a real issue for an amateur. It takes a professional with professional equipment to get the job done without causing further damage to your sprinkler system. Amateurs may cause leaks by using too much pressure, or leave some leftover debris in the pipe before they’re completely clear.
  2. Sprinkler Hoses are Tricky
    It’s rather common for hoses to become twisted for one reason or another, but if you don’t hire a professional to fix the issue, it can cause problems with the water flow to your sprinklers, meaning your lawn or garden will suffer.
  3. Winterization Precautions Are Hard
    No matter how simple a winter blowout seems, it’s truly not. If you don’t do the blowout, your pipes may burst, or experience other problems. If you do it incorrectly and water is left in the pipes, you will get the same result. It’s best to get professionals with years of experience doing this procedure to ensure the life of your sprinkler system.
  4. You Could Be Losing Money Because of a Leak
    Most Denver locals pay for municipal water services. One small leak in your sprinkler pipes can cause you to lose thousands of dollars in just one year on water. The water soaks into the ground instead of helping your lawn or garden, essentially wasting all that water for no reason.
  5. You May Not Have Enough Valves
    If you have a large yard or garden, having too few valves can cause serious problems for your sprinkler system. Too few valves can be ineffective at creating the right amount of pressure to make sure your lawn looks beautiful.
  6. Valves May Have Compression Leaks
    Valves that have compression leaks can be a real problem. If the pressure of your sprinklers is too low, you aren’t getting your whole lawn or garden watered properly. Routine maintenance on your sprinkler system often includes testing of the valve compression.
  7. Sprinklers May Need Replacing
    If you’re noticing that your sprinkler is broken, either physically or simply not spraying any water, you need to get that sprinkler replaced as quickly as possible. Not only is this a risk for under-watering your lawn, it could be indicative of a larger problem that needs to be addressed.
Tip: Want to check how well your sprinklers are working prior to making the call? Read our blog post on analyzing the efficiency of your Denver sprinkler system.

At Water Solutions Sprinkler Service, we only employ the absolute best sprinkler servicers in the area. We are the top Denver sprinkler repair service around. We guarantee the job will be done perfectly, in a timely fashion, the first time around. We perform regular maintenance on your sprinkler service after we do a repair to make sure the problems are not recurring. Addressing problems with your sprinklers in a timely manner will save you a lot of money in the long run, so if you think you may need some sprinkler repair services immediately, call us as soon as you can to get an appointment scheduled.