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Determining What Needs Regular Watering Prior to Hiring a Denver Sprinkler Service

April 27, 2016

It’s true that some Denver sprinkler installation services will do a free evaluation of your yard prior to setting about laying the pipes. It never hurts to get to know your yard a little better before you get a consult, though. A good service will take your preferences into consideration, and make suggestions for change if needed. So, what kind of plants should get regular watering from your sprinklers, and what should be hand-watered, or watered less frequently? Here are a few different types of plants and their watering needs!
  • Herbs. Most herbs need daily watering, just like grass, but the amount of water needed varies by herb and outside conditions. If your herbs are in pots, keep them out of reach of the sprinklers so they don’t get overwatered or damaged by the high water pressure. Rosemary in particular should be kept away from regular watering, as it requires very little water to do well except in the extremely hot months.
  • Flowers. Many flowers prefer being watered daily. If you have a flower bed, it would be a good idea to get a sprinkler put near it so the flowers get watered regularly. If your flowers are potted as opposed to planted, the sprinklers likely won’t be able to water them properly, so keep those on your hand-watering list.
  • Vegetables. - The amount of water needed for vegetables varies greatly by the vegetable; however, the majority of vegetables benefit greatly from regular watering. If they are in the ground, let those sprinklers take care of the daily watering! You can always have your sprinkler service deactivate the sprinkler nearest to your vegetable garden in the colder months if frost poses a risk to the vegetables.
  • Baby Trees. Baby trees most common in Denver require regular watering, particularly in the winter months. It is important not to let water pool around the base of the tree on days where the temperature will drop below freezing, because the frozen water can severely damage the tree.
    • The water issue is the same for all growing trees - you can get a root feeder to take care of their watering needs as opposed to relying on your sprinklers, like you would for a fully-grown tree.
  • Woody Plants. Woody plants need regular watering, especially during dry months such as in summer and the months in winter where there is little water or snow in Denver. It is important to maintain a regular watering schedule, and these plants and trees can do with regular watering via your sprinkler system.
  • Evergreen Plants. Evergreens actually need quite a bit of watering to keep their root system healthy. This is especially important if there is little natural water available, such as rain or snow.
If you feel you need more help determining where to place your sprinklers, or when to use your sprinklers during the different seasons, take a look at these resources: When you’re ready to get some sprinklers installed, call us at Water Solutions. We’re a premium Denver sprinkler installation company. Click over to our home pages to view all of the sprinkler installation services we offer. We are committed to helping you turn your present lawn into your the lawn of your dreams with excellent sprinklers that will reduce the strain of hand-watering every day. Call us for your free lawn consultation, and we’ll get the ball rolling!