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Best Time to Use Your Sprinklers in Summer

April 8, 2016

Watering your own lawn manually can be tiring, especially during the hot summer months when watering becomes a more complex system. It pays to have sprinklers, but having them does not guarantee your lawn will continue to look beautiful. Here are a few things to remember about using your sprinklers in Denver.
  1. Too much sunshine is bad.
    This one will seem obvious if you associate the sun with your grass drying up. There are bigger problems with the sun and your grass though, namely that if you water your lawn while the sun is out, the water will magnify the sunlight and it could potentially cause it to burn your grass more quickly.
  2. Evaporation is a factor.
    If you water your lawn or run your sprinklers while it is still hot outside, much of the water you just put onto your lawn will evaporate back into the air, leaving your plants and grass still thirsty and in dire need of water.
  3. Runoff is an issue. 
    The hotter it is outside, the drier the dirt becomes. If you water too fast when it is hot out, you will likely experience a lot of runoff. This is caused by the water not absorbing into the ground fast enough, since the ground is so dry.
To avoid these common problems, there is one solution: watering at night. If you water at night, you lower your risk of burning your grass or plants, a negligible amount of water will evaporate, and you are less likely to experience runoff if you saturate the soil each night. This way, it doesn’t get reabsorbed into the atmosphere immediately.

Now, no one wants to be up at midnight or later standing outside watering their lawn and plants. This is where having sprinklers that are on a timer comes in handy. You can simply set the timer for a good time of night, and they will turn on the water automatically. You can also easily change this during the colder months so you do not freeze your lawn during the cold nights.

If you need sprinklers installed in Denver, call Water Solutions. We will get you a state-of-the-art sprinkler system customized to the needs of your lawn. We will also teach you how to work the timer and adjust the time before and after Daylight Savings Time. Learn more about our Sprinkler Installation options by visiting us on the web, and check out all the other services we offer while you’re there. We look forward to hearing from you.

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