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Maintaining a Drought Tolerant Yard in Denver

April 1, 2016

Arid regions and drought conditions can effect the quality of your lawn and prevent your plants from growing properly. And even though here in Colorado we are lucky enough to have 300+ days of sunshine each year, we also have a very dry, desert-like climate at times. Despite the dry conditions there are various strategies will help you effectively cultivate and maintain a beautiful landscape even in periods of extensive drought. Here are a few of the drought-tolerant yard and landscaping techniques provided by Water Solutions Sprinkler Service. 

Certain soiling methods can help you maintain a lush lawn and overcome a drought.  Developing a loose soil structure is essential to cultivating a drought-tolerant yard. A loose soil structure provides more pores, which allows the soil to absorb and retain moisture, and therefor enables the roots of your plants to grow deep down in the soil and absorb a maximum amount of nutrients. Proper drainage techniques can also improve the healthy quality and beautiful appearance of your plants during a drought. You can facilitate a well-drained system by installing coarse sands, small pebbles, and mulch layers.

Drought-Tolerant Plants

As one of the top Denver landscaping companies Water Solutions can also recommend drought tolerant plants for your yard. Certain plants are capable of surviving in arid environments and dry drought conditions while others, such as lavender plants, can actually help to create a drought tolerant lawn. Lavender plants can withstand extreme heat, survive with low watering requirements, and are an attractive and fragrant option for your landscape. Thyme plants also flourish in a dry climate and they maintain a healthy quality, beautiful glow with minimal water. You can choose from many different types of drought-tolerant thymes, including creeping, wooly, and silver thymes. 

Desert Plants

Many plants that naturally thrive in more extreme desert environments can also grow well in residential yards and landscapes. Aloe plants are especially beneficial for lawns that are experiencing dry seasons. Being accustomed to arid desert conditions enables aloes to flourish during droughts. Aloe plants can also enrich the beauty of your yard by displaying luxuriant foliage, vibrant colors, and exquisite petal patterns. Other desert plants that can survive in your yard during a drought include New Zealand Black Flax, Chamomile, and diverse forms of cacti. 

Trees and Shrubs

The best Denver landscaping companies can also provide and cultivate many types of drought-tolerant trees and shrubs. You can successfully cultivate several drought-tolerant sage shrubs to compliment your yard. Sage shrubs that can flourish in dry climates include Mexican, Texas, and Russian sages. Other popular drought-tolerant trees include various species of elms, oaks, hickories, and ginkgos. 


Effective watering and sprinkler installation is one major way you can help your yard remain healthy lawn during dry spells periods. Although drought-tolerant plants do not require an abundance of water, a moderate amount of water naturally helps the plants grow, remain healthy, and display an attractive appearance. Providing approximately one inch of water per week can supply the plants with a sufficient amount of water while still enabling you to conserve your home or community water supply. You should also implement deep water techniques to ensure that roots sink deep into the soil, absorb optimal nutrient levels, and flourish with minimal water. 

Contact us at Water Solutions Sprinkler Service to prepare your landscape and lawn for the heat of summer. Our expert staff has been exceeding the landscaping needs of Denver residents for almost 20 years, and our exceptional service has allowed us to acquire an A+ rating. We can recommend drought-tolerant plants for your landscape and craft a conservative watering plan to optimize the beauty of your yard and reduce time and maintenance. Give us a call today!