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Why Rotary Sprinklers? Denver Landscapers Give You the Details

March 25, 2016

Establishing a beautiful backyard landscape can seriously improve the appeal of your property all while providing a comfortable outdoor area for your friends and family to gather and socialize. However, an effective sprinkler system is typically required to maintain the quality of your landscape. Most experts revere rotary nozzle sprinklers as the premier sprinkler system. If you are trying to develop a gorgeous landscape, you should learn more about the many benefits of using rotary nozzles for your Denver sprinkler system:


The best Denver landscaping companies can install rotary sprinkler nozzles to provide optimal lawn coverage. Many traditional and fixed spray heads will only cover a minimal amount of territory. This can lead to a lot of frustration. For instance, you might need an abundance of fixed spray heads to irrigate your yard, the inadequate trajectories can still fail to reach certain areas, and your yard might eventually display patches of brown bald marks or uneven plant growth. In contrast, rotary sprinkler nozzles feature a significantly higher radius range. The ability for the sprinkler heads to spin and rotate while distributing water allows each individual nozzle to cover a substantial amount of territory. You can water your entire lawn far fewer sprinkler nozzles when working with rotary sprinkler heads. They effectively and evenly distribute water to each section of your yard, and this can help ensure that your yard continues to display a lush and even landscape of green and healthy plants.

Water Conservation

Having experts install rotary sprinklers for your Denver sprinkler system can also help you conserve water. Traditional or fixed spray heads tend to emit excessive flows of water, which can facilitate runoff, damage your plants, and waste water. As a result, many people appreciate the superior efficiency and water conservation abilities of rotary sprinkler systems. Rotary nozzles feature a significantly lower water flow per minute rate than traditional spray nozzles. This allows the system to conserve your water, reduce your bills, all while allowing your landscape to continue to flourish with considerably less water than other sprinkler systems.


The top Denver landscaping companies provide rotary sprinklers that are far more effective than the spray head counterparts alone. Many features of the rotary nozzles allow the systems to very effectively and reliably water your yard. The lower precipitation rate of the water is highly beneficial for the plants. It allows the nutrients to soak into the soil, penetrate deep down to the roots, and provide each plant with the optimal water and nutrient levels required to grow and thrive. The rotor sprinklers can also avoid many hazards that typically hinder other conventional systems. For instance, the wider and stronger water stream of rotary nozzles enables the streams to reach taller plants and to avoid being drifted in the wind.

Contact Water Solutions to install your ideal sprinkler system. With over 20 years of experience, our expert staff has developed a prestigious reputation for providing superior sprinkler and landscaping services throughout the Denver area and beyond. We can provide full landscaping services, use the best lawn and sprinkler products on the market, and we would be glad to install a rotary sprinkler system that can maximize the healthy quality and appearance of your landscape.