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Professional Denver Landscaping to Conserve Water and Energy

March 9, 2016

If you’re looking to cut down on water and energy costs but still like the traditional look of a healthy turf lawn, the Denver landscaping experts at Water Solutions can help you come up with the perfect strategy. The first thing to do is to have our sprinkler installers come out and check out your sprinkler system. There may be ways to change out heads to make it more efficient and they can also repair any cracks or leaks that may be wasting water. They will also make sure that your sprinklers are adjusted properly so that they aren’t watering the sidewalk or overshooting your lawn, into the neighbor’s property.

You’ve probably heard that Denver has more days of sunshine per year than San Diego. Colorado is a state where it’s possible to get a sunburn and frostbite on the same day! This sunshine is both a blessing and a curse for your lawn and energy bills. In the winter the sun provides free heat to your home but in the summer it can overheat it too. Our consultants can suggest trees and shrubs to help with temperature regulation and sun exposure for both your lawn and house. Planting low shrubs around the perimeter of the lawn can provide some much needed shade to retain moisture for longer periods during the day but still allow enough sunlight for growth. They can also cut down on wind evaporation when watering. You should also be sure to water in the early morning hours when wind and heat are both at a minimum allowing water to soak into the soil of your lawn and garden. The Department of Energy estimates that a well shaded home can reduce summer time energy bills by up to a whopping 50%.

Shrubs planted in the windward side of the house provide some natural insulation during the winter months and some shade during the summer. Trees should be planted far enough away from the house to avoid root problems but strategically placed so that they will provide some shade for the house during the hottest parts of the day. In the winter, when there are no leaves, they will still allow the sun to provide heat for the house. Shrubbery can also help prevent snow from drifting against the house, possibly leaking in and compromising your home’s foundation.

The patio is quite possibly your family and dining room from May to October. You can provide some shade and a shield from springtime winds by planting shrubs to the south. You may also consider installing a trellis with climbing vines or flowers. This provides some shade but still allows in some dappled sunlight for warmth and beauty.

Planting season is upon us once again so call Water Solutions at 720-435-1495 to schedule a planning session. Our advisors can help you with finding plants that are suitable for your soil type and water availability. They will also to group plants with similar water needs together to avoid waste and ensure healthy foliage.