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Your Soil is the Best Ally for Your Denver Sprinkler System

March 3, 2016

All professionals will tell you that to install a sprinkler in Denver, you have to dig deeply through hard clay soil. The name Colorado literally means, “color red” alluding to the red rock and clay found throughout the state. Having a sprinkler professionally installed for proper irrigation is the first step in creating and maintaining a rich green lawn. In addition to being able to water regularly at optimum times, it is also helpful to condition not only the soil of your garden but your lawn as well.

Soil is largely made of living and dead organic matter, minerals, air, and water. Soil’s ability to capture and retain water and nutrients is directly related to its ability to maintain and nurture plant growth. The first step in improving the health of your soil is testing it to ascertain the mineral content and pH level to see whether it is too acidic or too alkaline. Buying a soil test kit is inexpensive and will save you money on water all summer as it will be better able to absorb moisture and retain nutrients for your lawn and garden. Correcting for acid or alkaline content should be a fairly straightforward process and Understanding the Numbers in Your Soil Report will help you understand what plants would grow best and what supplemental products you might consider using.

Take soil samples from several places in your lawn and garden and follow the steps in your lawn test kit to determine content. The pH scale goes from 0 – 14, with 7 being considered neutral. Everything below 7 would be on the acidic side while everything above would be alkaline. The ideal pH level for most grass types would be 6.5 – 7.0. In Colorado many of our soils are high in alkalinity.
  • Correcting Alkaline Content:  Soils that are high in alkaline have difficulty retaining minerals such as iron. Grass and all plants need iron to maintain their rich green coloring. If your soil is high in alkaline, the most common method of improving it is to apply soil conditioners that contain sulphur or gypsum. Spreading peat moss over the top will also improve alkaline content and has the added benefit of also helping to retain moisture. Be careful not to spread it too thick as too much moisture on blades of grass for an extended time can also encourage fungus to grow.
  • Correcting Acidic Content:  A lot of soil in the eastern United States is naturally acidic. Acid in the soil encourages weed growth and also makes herbicides and fertilizers less effective. The most common fix for this kind of soil is to add lime. Lime is high in alkaline content and contains high amounts of magnesium as well as calcium. Both are essential for good plant health. This correction may take some time and multiple treatments may be necessary. Lime is most effective when added in the fall before the first frost.
Healthy soil content and proper irrigation are the essential tools for a thriving lawn and garden. Consult the Denver sprinkler professionals at Water Solutions to ensure that your sprinklers are providing proper coverage and that heads are properly adjusted with no leaks.  Water Solutions has over two decades of experience installing Denver sprinkler systems.  We know what it takes to install and maintain sprinkler systems in this region and we will give you the best service you can find.  Give us a call today for a free estimate for Denver sprinkler installation and other sprinkler and landscaping services in the Denver metro areas.