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Tips to Prepare your Denver Landscape for the Spring

The spring is a rejuvenating season in which the snow from the winter melts, the days grow warmer and brighter, and your landscape exhibits the wonderful season by coming to life and generating new plants. Properly preparing your lawn in the spring is essential to ensuring that your landscape thrives throughout the summer. If you want to cultivate a beautiful landscape, you should learn about the Denver spring landscaping services that premier lawn professionals can provide.
  • Inspecting the Sprinklers: The best Denver landscaping companies can inspect your sprinkler or irrigation system in the spring. During the winter, the lack of use and the cold weather can damage or impair your sprinkler system. As a result, the advanced knowledge allows the experts to run your sprinkler system, evaluate each section to ensure that the system is functioning correctly, and quickly identify and fix any problems that are developing. For instance, the specialists can untwist knotted areas of the hose, unclog congested pipes, test the efficacy of the valves, and ensure that water is being properly distributed throughout the system and to each section of your landscape.  
  • Pruning the Plants:  You should also have your plants pruned during the spring. Many trees and shrubs might be overgrown or damaged, which can shade other parts of your lawn and prevent plants from growing effectively. However, lawn professionals typically trim your plants while performing Denver spring landscaping services. The professionals can prune the shrubs and trees, remove dead or diseased branches, edge the landscape beds, and cut any plants that are overgrown or unhealthy. Additionally, the professionals can also remove all of the weeds, debris, and dead branches from your yard to ensure that your landscape flourishes without any impediments.
  • Fertilizing the Soil:  The best Denver landscaping companies can also fertilize your soil to prepare your yard for the spring. Many plants or patches of soil might require fertilization to provide your landscape with a sufficient amount of nutrients. The superior training enables to the experts to conduct accurate pH level tests on the soil, identify which sections of your yard need to be fertilized, and then apply an appropriate amount of fertilization to ensure that your plants receive optimal nutrients and thrive with exceptional health. Additionally, the landscaping specialists can also help protect the soil and plants from future problems by applying high-quality pesticide and weed prevention products to your lawn.
  • Planting New Seeds: Premier lawn experts can also plant new seeds while fulfilling your Denver spring landscaping services. Planting new seeds in the spring helps the seeds adjust to the new environment and begin to bud before the excessive heat and arid droughts of the summer arrive. The landscaping experts can first add a new layer of mulch to retain moisture and protect the plant roots from extreme temperatures. The experts can then let you choose which plants you want to cultivate in the upcoming season, provide the appropriate seeds, and effectively plant and prepare the seeds in the optimal locations of your yard.
Contact Water Solutions to fulfill your landscaping needs. For 20 years our expert staff has acquired a prestigious reputation throughout the Denver area for providing superior and customized landscaping services. We can perform every aspect of your spring spruce-up project, we have access to some of the best sprinkler and fertilization products available, and we would be glad to help maximize the quality of your plants and the beauty of your landscape.