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Denver Sprinkler Installation Pros Share Water-Saving Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

May 6, 2022

Summer is here and the weather is getting warmer by the day. That means you and your family need to find ways to cool down fast. While it’s tempting to let the kids play in your Denver sprinkler system, it’s not always the best option. The more you run the system, the higher your water and electricity bill will be. Worse, you could flood out your lawn and create major issues for your landscaping. But we’ve got you covered. Here are a few great ideas to help you beat the heat without having to deal with an obscenely high utility bill. 

Use Water Guns

Nothing says “summer” like a water gun fight on the front lawn. And it’s the perfect way to beat the heat without relying on your sprinkler system. Head to your local dollar store and pick up a multi-pack of water guns or go big with a water cannon. Fill each one with cold water and get to squirting.

It’s fun for the entire family and it uses far less water than the standard run through the sprinkler system session. This means you’ll stay cool without using more water than you really meant to. For best results (and less water wasting) fill buckets of water and place them around the yard. Let people refill the water guns from the buckets rather than running the hose or water spigot. 

Fill Up a Kiddie Pool

Kiddie pools are perfect for lounging and splashing in, even if you’re a full-grown kid-at-heart. Fill the pool with cool water from your hose, grab a good book, and sit in the small pool to beat the worst of the heat. 

You won’t get your entire body wet, but those precious few inches of water will be enough to help you stay cool on those hot summer afternoons. Just remember to put the pool in the shade. You’ll feel cooler and get to avoid that troublesome sunburn so many people dread during the warmer months. 

Have a Water Balloon Fight

If you’re willing to deal with a bit of a mess afterwards, have a water balloon fight in your yard. Grab a few buckets and fill them with water balloons full of cold water. Then, get to throwing!

When each balloon pops, you’ll get bathed with cold water, taking the brunt of the heat away and helping you stay cool. On extremely hot days, consider wearing a loose t-shirt and athletic shorts for the balloon fight. As the fabric dries, it will cool your skin, making even hot and sunny afternoons bearable. 

Wrap a Damp Bandana Around Your Neck

Believe it or not, there are some parts of your body that facilitate cooling better than others. And we’re not talking about your forehead…we’re talking about your neck. 

Grab a clean bandana, scarf, or even a dish towel, and dunk it in cold water. Wring it out until it’s wet but not dripping and drape it over the back of your neck. If you can, tie the ends together so you can walk around and be active without the fabric falling off.

The cold water will cool the blood in your veins which, as it circulates, helps cool down the rest of your body. It’s like walking around with a portable air conditioner!

Skip the Hot Shower

Hot showers feel great in the spring, fall, and winter. But they can often feel like torture during the summer months. So, skip them. 

Turn the tap on cold and bathe in cold water. It’s bracing, but after a few minutes, you’ll adjust to the temperature just like you would in a cold swimming pool. You’ll end up getting clean without steaming up the bathroom or making yourself warmer than you were when you got in.

If you’re feeling extra hot but don’t have access to a pool, fill your tub with cold water and soak away. You’ll have the added benefit of a deeper pool of water than you’d get with the kiddie pool and you won’t have to worry about sunburn, bugs, or other summer nuisances. 

For those extra hot days, add a few cups of ice to the bath and soak for a few minutes. Remember, you want the water to be comfortably cool, not freezing. Otherwise, you won’t be able to stay in the water long enough to cool off!

Supplement Your HVAC System with DIY AC

Air conditioning is by far the biggest source of energy use during the summer and it can make your energy bill skyrocket quickly. But there is a way to beat that high energy bill without turning the thermostat up and suffering through the heat: create your own DIY AC system. They’re perfect for kids’ rooms and areas of the house that never seem cool enough.

All you need to do is put a few plastic water bottles in the freezer until they’re solid. Then, set them on a table and point a fan directly at the water bottle. Table-top fans and desk fans work best. Sit yourself in front of the breeze and bask in the cool air. The plastic bottles can get re-frozen once they melt. 

Though it’s not a complete substitute for your central AC system, it can help you stay cooler without having to lower your thermostat. This will save you money over the summer and helps reduce the wear and tear on your air conditioning unit. The less you rely on it, the more time it gets to rest. That means fewer maintenance appointments and less chance of unexpected breakdowns. 

Beat the Heat This Summer

Denver seems to be extremely warm these days. Use these tips to help you and your loved ones stay cool this summer without worrying about your utility bill. And use your sprinkler system to keep your landscaping properly hydrated. 

Not sure if your system is working properly or just want an experienced professional to make sure it’s up to coping with Denver’s intense sun? Contact us to schedule a maintenance appointment.