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Denver Sprinkler Pros Share Tips to Keep Pests From Digging up Your Lawn

October 22, 2021

You work hard to keep your lawn looking new at all times. That’s why you go to the trouble to get your sprinkler system repaired by an experienced Denver sprinkler repair technician rather than trying to fix it on your own. While you know how to deal with the symptoms of under and overwatering that can threaten the health of your lawn, what can you do to keep pests and unwanted critters from damaging your turf? There are few things that are worse than seeing parts of your carefully cultivated lawn torn up by animals. Here are a few things you can do to keep those critters away.

Spread Seeds Often

The more established your lawn is, the harder it will be for animals to tear it up. Unfortunately, bare patches can happen all the time and they can happen without warning. Those bare patches are weak spots that animals can easily tear up with even the slightest bit of determination. The easiest way to deal with those weak spots is to spread grass seed often. 

Pick up a bag of seed that matches the types of grass you have in your lawn and spot treat bare patches or underperforming patches as needed. Follow the directions on the back of the seed bag for best results. This method takes time, but it’s one of the most effective ways of keeping unwanted critters from tunneling into your lawn.

Lay Traps for Unwanted Critters

If you’re noticing a lot of churned-up turfs and can’t keep up with seed spreading to mitigate the damage, you’ll need to be more proactive. Add traps specifically for the critters wreaking havoc on your lawn. You’re free to do this on your own, but most homeowners find more success by working with an experienced wildlife removal expert.

They’ll be able to identify the exact pests and lay the correct traps for your property. Once they catch the unwanted critters, the wildlife removal expert will be able to relocate them to an area far away from residential properties. The pests will end up being safer once relocated and your lawn will be able to recover completely over the next growing season.

Invest in Natural Repellants

There are many different natural pest repellant products on the market and many of them are incredibly effective at deterring unwanted critters. Once you have an idea of the types of animals that are in your yard, look for repellants that will help keep them away. Head to your local garden center or hardware store and ask for advice. 

Look for products that deter rather than hurt or poison the critters. Items like a synthetic fox or coyote urine can send a signal that predators are nearby and can encourage the pests to seek refuge elsewhere. Even better, the products won’t hurt your pets or your kids if you let them play on the grass.

Fence Your Lawn

The most common digging pests in the Denver metro area are also some of the easiest to deter. You just need to build a substantial barrier that they won’t be able to climb over. If you haven’t already, consider adding a sturdy fence around your backyard. You won’t be able to use this in your front yard without making your house attract unwanted attention on your block. 

Most homeowners see great results with vinyl fencing as animals can’t easily climb it or burrow beneath it. However, some find that chain link fencing is all you need. It all depends on the type of pests on your property.

Get Rid of Insects

The reason you have animals digging up your grass isn’t that they’re trying to destroy your picture-perfect lawn. Instead, they’re searching for food. Most of those digging critters eat insects as a major part of their diet. Getting rid of insects in your lawn can go a long way toward getting rid of unwanted digging. 

Start by spreading diatomaceous earth on your lawn. This is a natural insecticide that’s harmless to both animals and humans. It should get rid of most insects on the surface of your grass in a matter of days. You can also apply nematodes to the soil to further reduce the number of insects and grubs in your lawn. 

If this isn’t enough, call a pest control specialist and let them treat your lawn for insects. They’ll be able to pinpoint the exact types of insects in your lawn and target their treatments to get rid of them quickly. Once the food supply dries up, critters will be less tempted to stick around and will move onto other properties in search of food.

Get Rid of Temptation

Walk around your yard and see if there are features that are particularly tempting to critters and insects. Look for things like mulch piles, low-lying shrubs that can serve as shelter for critters, and even food waste from backyard barbeques and cookouts. Remove those hazards and monitor for additional activity on your lawn. 

If you notice the activity stopping or reducing, keep it up. Stay on top of your cleaning efforts and keep your landscaping carefully manicured. However, if getting rid of the things that commonly attract critters isn’t enough to get rid of them, call your pest control expert again. They may be able to identify additional hazards and issues that you can get rid of to keep the critters from coming back. 

Keeping Your Lawn in Good Shape Is Possible

If you want your lawn to look pristine and free from dug-up piles of dirt, keep these tips in mind. They’ll help you keep unwanted pests and critters from doing damage both now and in the future. Once you get rid of those pests, take the time to schedule a sprinkler system inspection with Water Solutions Sprinkler Service. Those same pests that dig up your lawn can do serious damage to your sprinkler system if left unaddressed. We’ll inspect your lines, sprinkler heads, and connections to make sure everything is in good shape.