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Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Denver Sprinkler Repair Company

August 30, 2021

Moving to a new home is both exciting and stressful. Not only do you have to get settled in the house, but you also have to find contractors to help you with repairs and maintenance. If you’re like most homeowners, you know that relying on internet reviews isn’t always the best option. You want to get to know your contractor to make sure you’re choosing the best service possible. Here are a few simple questions to ask your Denver sprinkler maintenance team before you schedule your first tune-up. 

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Your homeowners insurance policy will help protect you from liability, but it won’t always cover errors due to poor workmanship. This puts the burden on your shoulders and, if something happens during the tune-up, you could end up having to pay for the repairs out-of-pocket. Before you agree to work with a contractor, make sure they’re fully licensed and insured. 

Reputable sprinkler repair technicians have valid business licenses to perform repairs in your area. They’ll also have a valid insurance policy that covers the cost of any damage that might happen during the course of their work. And if one of their employees gets injured while working on your system, their insurance should cover the cost of their medical treatment. This helps protect you from liability and can save you money in the long-run.

Do You Have Experience Working on My Type of System?

There’s a huge difference between different types of sprinkler and irrigation systems. Older units require different types of repairs than modern versions and it’s best to work with a company that’s familiar with the type of unit you have. 

Head out to your sprinkler control system and take a look at the make and model of the system. Use this as a reference point and ask your contractor if they know how to work on it. If they’ve worked on similar systems, they should be able to get it tuned up quickly and easily. If a contractor hasn’t worked on systems like yours, keep searching. Inexperienced technicians can often do more harm than good and the last thing any homeowner wants is a broken sprinkler right when the weather starts to warm up.

Do You Have References I Can Speak With?

Reputable contractors with extensive experience have worked with many residents over the years. In most cases, they’ll have clients who are willing to attest to their workmanship. But you always have to ask for them. When speaking with a sprinkler repair service, don’t hesitate to ask to speak with their previous clients. 

Once you have a few references, follow up on them and find out what those clients think about their work. If they’re still happy with the repairs and tune-ups, you can expect to receive the same quality of service. If the references all have similar issues or concerns, pay attention. Remember, if more than one customer has the same negative experience, you may end up having the same issues.

Do You Provide Written Estimates?

When deciding on who to work with, you need to be able to compare their services and their prices. This helps you decide which company is the best deal and best suits your budget. Unfortunately, not all companies are willing to stand by their estimates and won’t offer you a written estimate before you agree to work with them. 

If a contractor won’t provide a written estimate, keep looking. Reputable companies know that written estimates are the best way to help customers make the right decision. Not only do those estimates help you set a budget, but they also help you keep track of the types of repairs that need to happen.  

Do You Offer Warranties or Guarantees on Your Work?

Believe it or not, some contractors are only out to make a fast buck. These individuals make shoddy repairs and often won’t respond if you have an issue stemming from their work in the future. Luckily, you can avoid these unsavory contractors by asking if they provide warranties and guarantees on the work performed.

Reputable companies always stand by their repairs and are happy to come to your property to fix any issues that come up. At Water Solutions, we’re proud to offer a 5-year warranty on all systems and guarantee our work every step of the way. If you have any problems with a repair or are concerned about the way the system is running after installation, we’re just a phone call away.

Will You Walk Me Through How to Use the System?

Moving to a new house means you may not know how to use the sprinkler system on your property. And the previous owner may not have left instructions or had time to walk you through the system before you took possession of the keys. This can lead to some confusion when spring rolls around. 

The best thing you can do is get a walkthrough of how to use your new sprinkler system. If a contractor isn’t willing to show you how to use the system you have, keep looking. The best experts will show you how to use and care for your sprinkler system after they get it tuned up and ready for spring. Keep in mind that you will have to ask—after all, it’s your property and most contractors will assume that you know how to use and program your sprinklers. 

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Staying on top of sprinkler system maintenance is key in keeping your system running smoothly for years to come. The key is to find the right contractor that can work with your budget and the system itself. At Water Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing the best service possible to customers throughout the Denver metro area. 

When you work with us, you’ll know that we’ll take care of your system and do everything we can to make sure it’s able to handle everything you can throw at it. Contact us today to schedule a spring tune-up and get your system ready for the growing season.