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Key Questions to Ask Before Installing an Automatic Sprinkler System in Denver

For homeowners, landscaping can make or break the way your home looks. This is true whether you plant exotic flowers in garden beds or build a design with native plants and grasses. No matter what types of plants you choose, you’ll always have to keep them properly watered. Unless you enjoy spending hours hand-watering your entire yard and lawn, you’ll want to think about working with a Denver sprinkler installation team to make watering simple. Before you start thinking about your options, ask yourself these important questions. 

What do you want to achieve with the sprinkler system?

Sprinklers are a great option for yards of any size, but they’re not always the best system for every type of landscaping. Think about what you’re hoping to do with a new sprinkler system. Are you looking to make watering your lawn something you never have to think about or do you want the system to water your garden beds? Remember, most flower beds do best with different types of irrigation systems. But your lawn can and will benefit from the type of watering an automatic sprinkler system provides.

If you’re looking for a way to irrigate your flower and garden beds, you can always combine different methods for those beds. Keep in mind that trying to use a system like a drip irrigation for your lawn is NEVER a good idea. The constant soaking of the soil can lead to root rot in your turf, putting your entire lawn at risk. If you have existing drip irrigation lines close to your lawn, let your sprinkler installation team know. They may want to remove those lines before installing your new sprinkler system.

Do you have someone who can install it for you?

Installing a sprinkler system isn’t something the average DIYer or even an experienced handyman can do. It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to know where to install the system, run the water lines, and make sure everything is up to par. Installing it on your own is a great way to accidentally destroy your lawn and landscaping.

Get estimates from multiple companies and take the time to get to know the contractors you’re thinking of working with. The best companies are fully licensed and insured and always stand by their work. Remember, the last thing you want is for a company to install the system incorrectly and refuse to pay for the damage they caused.

What’s the warranty like on the system?

Different manufacturers offer different warranties on their sprinkler systems. This means that you’ll want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs of each system you’re considering for your home. Ask your sprinkler installation pro to explain each warranty. As a general rule, you want a warranty that also covers the cost of parts and labor. Without those, you’ll still have a high price to pay for any repairs, even if they’re caused by faults in the sprinkler system itself.

You can also ask about the manufacturers they trust and recommend most. Remember, your installation and repair team has worked with different brands in the past. They know which companies honor the warranty easily and which ones can be tough to work with. When in doubt, listen to their recommendations.

What do the designs look like?

Installing a sprinkler system takes time and planning. Without a firm design in place, you may not get sprinkler heads placed where they’ll do the most good. This can end up causing part of your yard to consistently stay underwatered while other parts get more water than they need.

Before you agree to the installation, don’t hesitate to ask about the designs. Reputable contractors will happily walk you through the system and explain why they’re planning to install the system that specific way. They should also have a plan for your control panel.

Remember, if your control panel isn’t easy to access, it will be hard for you to set up your automatic sprinkler system or change the programming as needed. If you’re hesitant about anything, from the placement to the design itself, say so before you start the installation. Your contractor may be able to make adjustments or can explain why the layout is the best choice for your yard.

Does it have a rain sensor?

We may not get a lot of rain in Denver, but it’s enough to make watering your lawn unnecessary at times. If you run your sprinklers as normal after a heavy storm, you’ll end up making the lawn soggy at best. Before you commit to a particular system, make sure it has a rain sensor.

The rain sensor monitors moisture levels in the soil. After heavy rains, it sends a signal to your control panel to cancel the scheduled watering time for that day. Once the soil dries out, it will resume the watering cycle as normal. Without the rain sensor, it’s up to you to manually adjust your programming. 

Is an automatic system the best choice for you?

Ultimately, people want different things in their yards and landscaping. The same holds for their irrigation systems. Think about what you want out of your system and make your decision accordingly. Keep in mind that there’s no right or wrong answer and installing an automatic sprinkler system is an investment. However, it adds value to your property and makes caring for your landscaping far easier and more pleasant.

If you’re not sure it’s the right time, don’t rush to a decision. Weigh your options, think about your budget, and wait to install the system until you’re ready. The last thing you should have to deal with is feeling like you installed something you won’t use.

If you’re ready to learn more about an automatic sprinkler system or know it’s time to make the upgrade at your home, don’t put it off. Contact Water Solutions Sprinkler Service and let our team help you find the right system for your yard.