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Why You Need to Schedule Denver Sprinkler Repair Appointments A.S.A.P.

June 10, 2020

You rely on your Denver sprinkler system to keep your landscaping in great condition year after year. That’s why you take the time to maintain it and schedule regular inspections with your sprinkler repair experts at least once a year. However, no matter how well you care for your system, unexpected repairs will always pop up. When they’re minor and they aren’t causing major issues, it’s tempting to put those repairs off for as long as possible. Doing so isn’t in your home’s best interest. Here’s why you should get those repairs taken care of as quickly as you can. 

You’ll See Overly High Water Bills
Minor sprinkler system leaks may not seem like a huge deal. After all, when they’re leaking into the soil around your property, the dirt itself can typically handle the excess moisture. However, even those small leaks mean you’re using more water throughout the month.

Any excess water usage will show up in your water bill. The longer those leaks go on, the more water your home will get charged for and the more money you’ll end up paying on your utilities. Even if the leak isn’t causing problems with your landscaping, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible. Doing so will help you keep your water bills low and will make it easier for you to stay on budget. 

Waiting Will Lead to Worse Damage
It’s normal for small issues to be almost unnoticeable for a long time. In fact, many homeowners wont’ know something is wrong with their sprinklers until they see an inexplicable increase on their water bill. Unfortunately, leaving those minor issues unfixed can end up causing worse damage down the line.

Any leak, no matter how large or small, represents a flaw in your sprinkler system’s piping. As the leak continues, the materials around it get weaker, increasing your risk of an unexpected failure down the line. Once that happens, you’ll be in for a time-consuming and expensive repair that can interrupt your landscaping’s growth and leave you with an underperforming yard during the height of the growing season. 

Whenever possible, get those minor issues fixed as soon as you notice them. This will preserve the lifespan of your sprinkler system, your landscaping, and your monthly maintenance budget. 

Your Foundation Will Be Threatened
Water leaking out of your sprinkler system doesn’t just soak into the dirt around the yard. It can actually spread and threaten parts of your home if the leak is severe enough. Think of it this way: your home’s foundation sits directly on the soil itself. When the soil is relatively dry, the foundation has a firm surface to sit on. This helps keep your home from shifting and ensures that the floorboards stay level. 

However, as the soil beneath your home gets saturated with water, the support beneath the foundation gets weaker. This means the full weight of your house sits on that foundation and can end up causing stress and cracks in the cement. Over time, you’ll start to see structural damage that not only threatens the look of your home, but also impacts the safety of the structure itself.

By getting your sprinkler system repaired as quickly as possible, you’ll keep your foundation in good shape for years to come. 

It Can Damage Your Landscaping
You really can have too much of a good thing and water for your landscaping is one of them. Under normal circumstances, your sprinkler system will distribute the proper amount of water to your plants to keep them growing strong. However, when the system gets damaged and more water leaks out than your plants need, it can threaten their health.

Too much moisture in the soil often causes root rot and mold to form around your plants’ root systems. When this happens, the mold hurts your plants’ ability to get the nutrients they need from the soil. Over time, they’ll start to wither and die, leaving you with a bare and unattractive yard. 

Taking care of minor sprinkler repairs as soon as you notice them will help keep your plants in good condition. They’ll get the water they need when they need it without getting overwatered or having to deal with overly wet soil.

Your Property’s Value Will Go Down
Your home’s landscaping does a lot for your property value. When it looks great, your property will be worth more and will be more likely to attract qualified buyers. When it’s not growing well, your property won’t stand out and you’ll find it harder to command the same high asking price should you try to sell.

Fixing minor repair issues quickly is the best way to preserve your home’s property value. Your plants will look nicer and you’ll have something that other homes in the area may not be able to offer prospective buyers: a functioning state-of-the-art sprinkler system. 

If you leave even minor issues unrepaired, it’s only a matter of time before they start causing major problems for the rest your system and your yard. 

Keeps You In Good Standing with the HOA
If you have a homeowners association, you know that they often have strict requirements and rules about how your front yard can look at any given time. Leaving your sprinkler system unfixed can end up earning you fines and citations in a matter of days. 

Worse, those fines can increase over time and if you wait to get your system fixed too long, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars that you normally wouldn’t just to satisfy the HOA. Taking care of the repairs quickly will help you stay on your HOA’s good side. 

Schedule a Repair Appointment Now
If you think that your home’s sprinkler system is damaged or notice that your water bill is creeping up for no reason, don’t wait. Contact us to schedule an inspection and let our team get your sprinkler system back up and running like new. We’ll make sure your yard will look its best at all times.