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Denver Sprinkler Service Debunks Common Myths About Sprinkler Blowouts

November 13, 2019

Getting your home ready for winter is tough. There are decorations to plan, plants to care for, and snow shovels to unbury in the garage or storage shed. But the sooner you start, the better and one task you can and should take care of now is a sprinkler system blowout. Hiring your Denver sprinkler repair team to take care of this simple pre-winter maintenance task is a great way to save money. But it’s also one of the most misunderstood maintenance tasks homeowners need to take care of. Check out these top myths about the process and see for yourself why it’s so important. 

Sprinkler blowouts are incredibly expensive.
No one likes to spend money on home maintenance, but it’s a necessary evil of owning your own house. But not all maintenance tasks cost thousands of dollars. In fact, some, like sprinkler blowouts are downright cheap. You will have to pay for the service, but you’ll save hundreds in unexpected repairs by setting your system up for a safe and secure winter. 

Just turning the water off is enough.
Turning off the water supply to your sprinkler system is a great place to start when you’re getting your home ready for colder weather. But it’s not the only thing you need to do. Think of it this way: your sprinkler system has water lines running through your yard. Turning off the water supply keeps new water from going into those lines but it doesn’t get rid of that existing water. 

When the temps drop, that water can freeze and damage your sprinkler system’s supply lines, sprinkler heads, and electronics. Blowouts remove that excess water completely, virtually eliminating the likelihood that your water lines will freeze and break during the winter.

Blowouts will damage my landscaping.
Blowouts involve running highly compressed air through the lines and pushing the water out through the sprinkler heads until no more water comes out. This may seem like it will damage your landscaping, but nothing could be further from the truth. The amount of pressure used is just enough to expel the water. The pipes and fittings underground won’t be damaged and neither will your plants. 

However, if you don’t schedule a blowout, you could cause damage to your landscaping when you turn the water supply back on. If the lines are broken, you could oversaturate the soil and encourage mold in your landscaping’s roots.

Blowouts will hurt the sprinkler system.
Blowouts don’t hurt your sprinkler system. They help it. Getting rid of standing water inside the lines helps keep your system in good condition when the temperatures drop while leaving the water in the lines puts your system at risk. Keep in mind that the only way to guarantee the safety of your system is to work with an experienced technician. They’ll make sure the process is done correctly every time. 

I have to be at home for the blowout.
We know you’re busy and your schedule may make booking routine repair and maintenance appointments a challenge. Luckily, you don’t have to be home for your sprinkler system blowout. You just need to turn the water supply to the system off and make sure your technicians have access to the sprinkler system control panel. If you’re not comfortable letting technicians on your property unsupervised, you can always ask a neighbor to be present. 

It takes too much time to take care of it.
Sprinkler blowouts are quick and easy to take care of. Once the water supply is turned off, your technician can get started. Once they start sending pressurized air through the supply lines, it’s only a matter of minutes until the last bit of water gets pushed out of the system. The entire process typically takes less than an hour and all you have to do is watch—we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll be free to go about your day in no time. 

I can save money doing it on my own.
Believe it or not, it’s cheaper to hire an experienced professional. If you choose to perform the blowout on your own, you’ll need to rent a high-pressure air compressor, spend time learning how to hook it up to your system, and make sure you do everything correctly. When you hire a professional, they bring all the tools and equipment they need with them and get the job done quickly. You’ll save money, time, and spare yourself the frustration of going it alone.

It’s too late to take care of it now.
It’s only too late to take care of a sprinkler blowout when the water supply lines are frozen. As long as the ground is soft enough for your sprinkler heads to raise and lower, you can schedule a blowout. The sooner you take care of it, the better off you’ll be, but don’t panic if you’ve waited this long. You can still schedule an appointment. 

I won’t be able to turn the system back on in the spring.
While it’s always best to schedule a tune-up before turning your sprinkler system back on, that doesn’t mean you have to. A blowout just removes the excess water from the sprinkler system’s lines and pipes. It doesn’t render the system inactive. 

Once you turn the water supply back on and set the system up for your desired watering schedule, you’ll be good to go. Keep in mind that tune-ups help keep your system running efficiently. This means you’ll get more reliable service from your sprinkler once the growing season is in full swing. 

Don’t Wait
Taking care of a sprinkler system blowout  in Denver, CO before the first hard freeze is the best way to keep your system working properly for years to come. Don’t put off the appointment. Contact our experienced team and schedule a blowout today. We’ll make sure your sprinkler system can survive the winter so you can rely on it as soon as the weather warms back up. And if we see any damage before the blowout, we’ll help make sure it gets taken care of quickly and affordably.