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Why Denver Sprinkler Systems Are Better Than Drip Irrigation

August 7, 2019

When you build a new home, you get to start your landscaping with a completely blank slate. This is wonderful—it gives you complete control over the design and the arrangement. But it does present a unique challenge. You need to choose the right irrigation system for your new home. For most people, the choice comes down to sprinklers or drip irrigation. Though both have their benefits, a Denver sprinkler installation is often the best choice for your new yard. Here’s why.

Covers More Area
Sprinkler systems spray water over large distances helping you water your landscaping more quickly and more efficiently. And if you’re like most Denver homeowners, your primary concern will be your lawn and trees. Installing drip irrigation systems to cover such a large area is incredibly time-consuming and expensive. Sprinklers allow you to get more bang for your buck by covering more area with fewer heads, reducing your installation time and costs.

Reduces Risk of Liability
Believe it or not, some drip irrigation systems are installed right at surface level or above ground. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to trip over the lines and injure yourself and your plants. While it’s annoying when it happens to you, it can be disastrous when it happens to a visitor. If they’re injured on your property, you could be liable for the cost of their medical treatment and any other damages. Sprinkler heads are placed strategically around the yard to reduce the risk of injury. And when they’re not actively spraying water, they sit flush with the ground, further reducing tripping hazards. 

Hard to Damage
Your sprinkler system’s water lines and heads are installed completely underground. This means they’re protected from damage and often require digging to access. You won’t have to worry about accidentally snapping the waterline by stepping on it. And regular landscape maintenance won’t be able to damage the lines or the heads. With drip irrigation systems, the waterlines are close to the surface. This means you risk damaging the tubing with a misplaced step or a poorly used gardening tool. And when the lines are damaged, it can be tough to repair them. Often, they need to be replaced completely. 

Easier to Tell If They’re Working
With drip irrigation systems, you have to trust that they’re working and watering the plants when they’re supposed to. The only way to tell for sure is to monitor the moisture levels in the soil to make sure the plants are getting the water they need. There’s no easy way to see for sure that things are working properly. With sprinkler systems, it’s easy to see if they’re working. If the heads come up and spray water where they’re supposed to when they’re supposed to, you know they’re working properly. And if you see a sprinkler head working in a way that it shouldn’t or not putting out a steady stream of water, you know it’s time to call your repair expert.

They’re More Versatile
Drip irrigation is great for one thing and one thing only: watering small garden beds. They’re not practical for covering large areas and the impact that installing and maintaining the system would have on your yard just isn’t worth it. Sprinkler systems are far more versatile. Since you can control their placement and the stream of water, you’re able to target certain areas of your yard more heavily. And that accuracy makes it easier to keep things properly watered throughout the year. 

The System Works with Timers
Sprinkler systems automate the watering process. They can be installed with timers allowing you to control when and how long the system runs. This helps you manage your landscape’s watering needs completely without having to worry about watering your plants by hand. Even better, the timers will work whether you’re at home or not. If you plan on going on vacations at all and don’t want the hassle of hiring a house sitter or landscaper to keep things in good condition, an automated sprinkler system is your best option.

They’re Just Plain Fun
Summer means the entire family spends more time outside and on those hot afternoons, you’ll need a way to cool off. Sprinkler systems are a great way for the entire family to cool down when the temps are high. Kids enjoy running through the spray, pets can play along with them, and you’ll be able to bask in the relative coolness of the mist—assuming you don’t want to get wet. Just remember to adjust your watering times if you plan on using the sprinklers to cool off. You don’t want to overwater your yard!

They Last Longer
Drip irrigation systems are exposed to the elements. And that means tons of ice and snow in Colorado. Unfortunately, the elements will take a toll on the system and you’ll end up needing to replace the components fairly often. With a professionally installed sprinkler system, you can expect to get years of use without any significant repairs. All you have to do is stay on top of routine maintenance appointments and make sure to have the system winterized before the freezing weather sets in each year. Even better, your installation team will be able to help you with those maintenance tasks. And before they leave, they’ll show you things you can do on your own to keep the system in good shape. 

Don’t Settle for Drip
Drip irrigation may be okay for tiny garden beds, but if you’re looking to keep your yard in good condition throughout the warmer months, a sprinkler system is the best option. You’ll save money and time in the long-run and will be able to enjoy your lush lawn and plant life year after year. If you’re ready to get a system installed on your property, don’t wait. Contact us to schedule an on-site estimate and see how our sprinklers can help you maintain your landscaping the easy way. There’s a perfect system for every size yard and every home’s needs.