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8 Easy Ways to Protect Your Lawn During Summer Parties from Your Denver Sprinkler Installation Team

May 9, 2019

Summer is almost here and if you’re like most homeowners, you’re already planning some epic summer parties for your backyard. Though you’ve already taken the time to get your Denver sprinkler system ready to keep your lawn looking great, sprinklers alone won’t be enough to protect your grass from damage. And the more parties you have, the more likely it is that your lawn will get damaged. Luckily, there are some things you can do to get your grass ready for the increase in traffic. As your trusted Denver sprinkler repair experts, we’re here to help. Here are a few simple tips you can use.

Give Your Lawn Some TLC Beforehand 
The best way to keep your yard in good condition after a party is to give your yard a bit of attention. Pay attention to the height of your mowing blades and leave it a bit longer than you normally would. This will keep the blades from drying out and gives them a better chance of withstanding extra foot traffic.

If you notice bare patches, spread some grass seed in those areas a few weeks ahead of the party. This gives them enough time to take root and can help make your lawn look nicer for your guests. 

Don’t Overwater
Your sprinkler system should already be set up on a timer. This helps keep your lawn lush and green throughout the warmer months without any extra work on your end. But as you near party-time, you might need to alter that schedule. Avoid watering the lawn at all for a few days before the party. This helps keep your soil in better condition and gives partygoers firmer ground to stand on. And firmer turf means less damage to your lawn.

Spread Things Out During Setup
Heavy weights and prolonged use of a single part of your lawn is the easiest way to damage the grass. Over time, the soil beneath the grass starts to compact under those frequent and heavy loads. When this happens, the roots can’t draw nutrients up through the soil and the turf starts to whither.

As you set up tables and equipment, pay attention to how much weight is on any part of your lawn. If you need to set up incredibly heavy equipment (think speakers and sound systems or generators), set the items on top of a larger piece of plywood. This spreads the weight out over a larger area and keeps your lawn in good shape.

Pick Up As You Go
Trash, food particles, and sugary drink spills are to be expected at any party. And though keeping those things outside makes it easier to pick up your house after the party, it can be problematic for your lawn. Spilled soda and dropped food can change the pH of your yard’s soil. When this happens, you’ll likely see discoloration in the grass. 

The best way to keep the damage to a minimum is to pick up the mess anytime you see something out of place. If you notice a chicken bone on the ground, pick it up and put it in the trash. If someone spills a drink, rinse the area with cool clean water to dilute the liquid. Keep trashcans easily accessible for guests and they’ll even help you keep things clean throughout the event.

Avoid Setting Up in the Same Spots
Summer is barbecue season and that means you’ll be having multiple gatherings in your yard during the warmer months. Though it’s tempting to stick to the same layout once you find one that works, try to change things up every few weeks. 

Set tables, chairs, and coolers in different spots on the lawn throughout the season. This gives the grass a chance to rebound and recover after each party and avoids putting repeat stress on the same parts of your yard. 

Decorate Carefully
Lawn decorations are a great way to make things festive, but they can hurt your grass and your sprinkler system if you’re not careful. When decorating, pay attention to where each item goes. If you’re driving a stake into the turf to secure something, make sure it’s not right next to a sprinkler head. 

Whenever possible, try to decorate your patio or deck instead of the lawn itself. These areas are much easier to clean up and aren’t damaged by most decorations, no matter how large or heavy they are. By keeping your decorations off the lawn entirely, you’ll help maintain your grass for months to come without accidentally damaging your landscaping.

Aerate as Needed
After the party, it’s normal to notice some areas where the soil has compressed. And if you’ve been hosting parties the entire summer and noticed your guests gathering in the same spots each time, your lawn will definitely need a bit of TLC. You need to aerate the turf in those spots.

Grab a pitchfork or long-pronged rake and poke two-inch holes in the soil with the tool. This helps break up the soil and gives the roots room to expand. But it also helps give your lawn more oxygen. This can make it easier for your grass to survive and thrive even with frequent parties and gatherings.

Be Mindful After the Party
After the guests leave, you’ll want to move all of your lawn furniture, kids’ toys, and other gear to their normal places. But before you do, make sure you’re not moving them on top of those heavily trafficked areas. 

If the items normally sit where people gathered during the party, give your grass a few days to recover before you move those items back. This can make all the difference in how quickly and completely your lawn retains its color and health.

If it’s been a while since you paid attention to your lawn, go outside and inspect it before you have your first gathering. Make sure it’s getting enough water and schedule a tune-up with your sprinkler installation team to make sure your yard has everything it needs to thrive during the warmer months.