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7 Reasons to Hire Denver Sprinkler Installation Pros for Your New System

April 10, 2019

A good sprinkler system is a must for Denver residents looking to keep their lawns and landscaping looking great throughout the summer. And if you’re like most Coloradoans, the thought of getting your hands dirty and installing it yourself is both exciting and daunting. You could install the system yourself, but it’s far better to work with an experienced Denver sprinkler service. Here’s why you should skip the DIY and leave things to the pros. 

Saves You Money (and Time)
When it comes to sprinkler systems, you get what you pay for. But when you’re shopping at your local hardware store for supplies, you’ll pay a premium for the same materials a professional already has on hand. 

What’s worse is you’ll also have to spend the time to size, prepare, and install the system on your own. If you’re handy, this will only take you a weekend, but if you’re new to DIY home improvements, it could take you several weeks. And no one will be paying you for that time spent. 

Proper Layout and Pipe Size
Your sprinkler system needs to have the right size pipes, sprinkler heads, filters, and wires in order to work properly. Without those components, the system won’t deliver the right amount of water to your plants. That said, even properly sized components won’t work correctly if the layout of your sprinkler system doesn’t work for your yard and landscaping. 

Professional installation guarantees that the layout works for your plants. Pros will assess the size of your yard, the placement of your beds, and the condition of the soil to determine what layout works best. The end result is a system that works flawlessly and distributes the most water where it needs to go. 

Saves Your Back
Every sprinkler system needs to be trenched before it can irrigate your yard. This is how water lines are installed beneath the top layer of soil. You could do this yourself, in theory, but it’s intensely physical and can put a lot of strain on your back, especially if you’re working to remove hazards like stones, stumps, tree roots, and old sprinkler components. A professional will get the job done quickly and safely.

Keeps Components Under Warranty
Most high-end components come with a manufacturer’s warranty protecting you from unexpected repair costs due to a fault with the products themselves. But there’s a catch—the components need to be installed by a licensed professional. 

If you install the components yourself, you’ll end up voiding the warranty. Even if an issue was the result of a manufacturing defect, the company won’t have to honor it if you performed the installation yourself. 

Gives You Access to Expert Advice
How many times have you bought a new appliance or electronic and promptly had hundreds of questions on how to use the item correctly? When you install sprinklers on your own, the only place you’ll be able to find information is the internet. And there’s a lot of misinformation out there!

When you hire a professional, you get access to their knowledge, their advice, and their ability to troubleshoot problems. They’ll install the system so that it works immediately, but they’ll also show you how to use the system to care for your yard. If you have questions or concerns later on, they’ll help you find the answers as quickly as possible. 

Ensures Proper Filtration
Even city water has contaminants and debris that can damage your sprinkler system. That’s why professionally installed systems include a thorough filtration device that keeps the water pure and reduces wear and tear on the components. 

Unfortunately, there’s not a one-size-fits-all filtration system. The one that your yard needs might not be the one that you pick up at the hardware store. Working with a professional ensures that your sprinklers have the right type of filtration system for the yard. They’ll 

Electronics Need a Pro’s Touch
It should come as no surprise that electronics are incredibly complicated. If they’re installed incorrectly, they might not work at all. Worse, they could spark and lead to a fire in your garage or near your house. If you’re a licensed electrician, installing the electrical components of a sprinkler system will be a breeze. 

But if you’re like most homeowners, handling the installation yourself puts you at risk for damage to the house, your yard, and your health. Even a small short in the system can give you a mild shock or skin burn!

Professional installation technicians are licensed to work with the electrical components. During installation, they’ll make sure the system is up to code and will make sure the safety mechanisms and grounds are in place to prevent damage whenever possible. 

They Can Handle the Replacements
Sometimes, the sprinkler system in your yard just needs a little TLC. It doesn’t need to be redone, but some components might need to be replaced. Finding those exact replacements in a store, especially if it’s an older system, can be almost impossible. 

Professional technicians have access to a wider supply network and can often find components long after they’ve been phased out in favor of newer units. If they can’t, they’ll know if it’s possible to retrofit a part or be able to provide you with a firm estimate for updating those damaged components. Over the course of your sprinkler system’s life, this will save you money.

Replacement parts cost less than new systems, but they also cost less when ordered from your installation expert. Since pros order components in large numbers, suppliers often give them discounts on each piece. Reputable pros pass some of those savings on to you.

Book an Appointment Today
Summer will be in full swing before you know it. The sooner you take care of your sprinkler system, the better off your yard will be. Save yourself the stress and hassle of installing a sprinkler system on your own. Contact us to make an appointment and see the difference a professional installation can make in the health and appearance of your home’s landscaping.