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Denver Sprinkler Installation Pros Share the Benefits of LED Lights for Outdoor Landscape Lighting

March 27, 2019

You love your home and your landscaping. But it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, with some landscape lighting systems, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Luckily, there’s a simple upgrade you can take care of that will decrease your expenses and improve your landscape design immediately: replacing old lights with new LED bulbs. 

But why would you go to the trouble to install new lights when your existing system works just fine? Your trusted landscaping and Denver sprinkler repair pros are here to help. We’ve put together a few compelling reasons that make LED bulbs a must-have addition to any outdoor lighting system.

Cooler Operation
Most outdoor landscaping lights heat up quickly anytime you turn them on. This is fine in most cases, but when the light fixture is close to plants or in areas with dried overgrowth, it becomes a major safety hazard. Some bulbs get hot enough to burn dust and spark small fires in dried plant materials. Other cooler bulbs may not spark fires, but they can produce enough heat to damage your plants.

LED bulbs produce virtually no heat. This means they’re safe for any light fixture in your yard, even ones close to plants or in areas that are at high-risk for fires. This helps guarantee that your landscaping looks great and lets the lighting do what it’s meant to: illuminating your yard and highlighting your favorite landscaping features.

Easier to Position
With traditional light bulbs, the light comes out in a 360-degree pattern. This means you need sturdy and properly angled lampshades to position the light where it needs to go. Unfortunately, this also makes the light dim and impacts the visual appeal of your yard. 

LED bulbs emit light directionally. This means you can position them precisely where they need to go and know that nearly 100 percent of the bulb’s light goes where you want it to. Your fixtures serve largely as decorative touches with the right LED bulb.

Recyclable and Eco-Friendly
When a halogen, fluorescent, or incandescent bulb burns out, you’re forced to throw it away. They can’t be recycled and, in many cases, must be disposed of properly. Otherwise, you run the risk of contaminating the environment. Why? Because many of these bulbs contain harsh chemicals and toxins. When they’re not properly dealt with, those chemicals leach into the soil and water supply.

When you upgrade to LED bulbs, you’re making a more responsible choice. They’re completely recyclable as long as you find a facility that accepts them. If you can’t recycle them, tossing them in the trash is fine. The bulbs contain no chemicals or toxins at all—the only hazard you’ll face is possible broken glass.

Work in Extreme Conditions
If you’ve ever turned an outdoor light on and had to wait for the light to get brighter, you’re not alone. This is a common problem especially with compact fluorescent bulbs. And when the temps drop, like they can during spring and early summer nights, those bulbs take time to reach full capacity. Worse, experiencing extreme temperatures can shorten their lifespan. 

LED bulbs work flawlessly no matter how hot or cold it gets outside. As soon as you turn the lights on, they reach 100 percent capacity. There’s no waiting for them to warm up. Instead, you get to enjoy your outdoor lighting immediately. 

Saves You on Your Energy Bill
The average homeowner pays more than $1,200 for electricity each year. When you have landscape lighting installed, that only increases your home’s energy usage. And the more electricity you consume, the more money you’ll owe the utility company every month. Traditional bulbs are designed to light up, but don’t do it efficiently. If you have a large yard and use landscape lighting to accent most of your home’s exterior, that can put a huge strain on your budget.

Upgrading to LED bulbs in your outdoor fixtures helps you save money month after month. They use a fraction of the electricity of halogen, fluorescent, and incandescent bulbs. Though they use less energy, they still emit the same amount or more light per bulb. 

Longer Burn Time 
All bulbs burn out eventually. Traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs can have their lifespans shortened by extreme weather and changing conditions. With your landscape lighting, you need the lights to work consistently. If bulbs keep going out, replacing them is not only annoying—it’s time consuming and costly.

Installing new LED bulbs instead will help cut down the amount of time you spend on landscape lighting maintenance. Most LEDs last for years. And while they do cost more than their less-efficient counterparts, you’ll still save money in the long-run. Since you’re buying fewer light bulbs and paying less for electricity each month, you’ll cut your costs by hundreds over the life of the system.

They Provide Clearer Light
Many homeowners use landscape lighting for more than highlighting their favorite plants and features. They use it to illuminate walkways and make possible hazards visible. Though traditional light bulbs help, they’re not ideal. The light they emit is often yellow and warm. With some hazards, the color makes it harder to see details. 

Most LED bulbs, especially those designed for outdoor systems, put out daylight-like light. This means it’s clear and illuminates dim areas so you see their actual colors. This means your walkways will be easier to navigate even for people with poor night vision.

Let The Pros Find the Right System for Your Home
No matter what size yard you have, your lighting system needs to be properly designed to fit the space. And that means you’ll need to work with an experienced professional. Doing things on your own is a great way to devalue your property and increase your frustration with your landscaping. 

At Water Solutions, we’re here to help. Our dedicated team knows what works and what doesn’t for Denver-area yards and gardens. We’ll help you find the right lighting design, fixtures, and installation to transform your property into a show-stopping masterpiece. Contact us online or give us a call at (720) 435-1495 to schedule an estimate.