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Fall is the Perfect Time to Schedule Repairs

October 3, 2018

You rely on your home’s sprinkler system to keep your yard properly watered throughout the spring and summer. After all those days of use, the system will likely need maintenance and repairs. While you could wait until spring to schedule a maintenance and repair appointment with your Denver sprinkler service, you don’t have to. Here are a few reasons to consider scheduling a maintenance appointment during the fall instead of waiting until the first thaw in the spring. 

More Availability

During the height of summer, people are more likely to schedule appointments to repair even minor issues with their sprinkler system. This can mean your repair technicians might not be able to squeeze you in for an appointment as soon as you’d like. For most homeowners, this can put strain on their schedule, forcing them to find time to meet the repair team after a busy day at work or ask a friend or neighbor to point out the problems in their stead. By waiting until fall, they’ll have more open availability, allowing you to pick an appointment that fits with your schedule rather than having only a few times to choose from. 

Changing Weather

Fall brings with it colder weather. This means the end of the growing season for your plants and garden. Once the growing season ends, you won’t have to rely on your sprinkler system to keep your lawn and plants looking their best and are better prepared to give your sprinkler system the attention it needs. By waiting until fall for regular maintenance, you’ll be able to address even major repairs without worrying about neglecting your plants. This gives you the freedom to shut off the water as needed, even if the technicians have to come back several times to completely repair the damage. 

Better Soil Conditions

Some repairs require replacing the system with an entirely new sprinkler or irrigation system. To install the system, the soil conditions need to be just right. The yard can’t be too wet, like it would be if you were watering regularly. Similarly, the soil can’t be frozen as it would be in winter. By scheduling a repair or maintenance service in the early fall, you’ll be able to make use of the remaining warm days before the soil freezes. This makes it easier to replace any parts of the system that are broken and allows your repair technicians to access areas under the soil without wasting time struggling to dig up frozen dirt. 

Let’s You Prepare Ahead of Time

It’s important to address repairs as soon as they happen with your sprinkler system. However, by scheduling routine maintenance during the fall instead of waiting until spring or summer, you’ll be well ahead of your neighbors on your maintenance schedule. This means as soon as the weather is suitable for planting, you’ll be able to start using your sprinkler system immediately. While your neighbors are waiting to have their systems tuned up and fixed, you’ll be ready to de-winterize and get started watering in time for the growing season. 

Saves You Money

Freezing winter temperatures can put strain on even winterized systems if they already have pre-existing issues that need repair. Those minor problems that would be easy to fix at first can turn into major issues that threaten the safety and functionality of the rest of the sprinkler system. By repairing those issues and maintaining your unit during the fall, you’ll save money on repairs. When minor issues are fixed, the lack of use during the winter can’t make them worse. This is both beneficial for your budget and your sprinkler system. 

Maintenance and Winterization Can Happen at the Same Time

Every winter, you’ll need to prepare the system for the freezing temperatures. For most homeowners, this is a separate appointment. However, if you plan ahead and discuss your needs and concerns with your sprinkler technicians, you may be able to take care of routine maintenance at the same time that you winterize the system. This allows you to book only a single appointment rather than having to schedule a routine tune-up earlier in the season and then schedule winterization session with your sprinkler service, saving you both time and money. 

Why Regular Maintenance Matters

Your sprinkler system is responsible for distributing water at relatively high pressure throughout your landscaping and lawn. When it’s damaged or not working properly, water can leak underground, threatening your home and your plants. By incorporating regular maintenance into your landscaping routine, you’ll be able to address repairs before they threaten the safety of your system or risk flooding the roots of your landscaping with more water than they can handle. 

When left unaddressed, minor repair issues can become major problems. Remember, your landscaping is the first thing people notice about your home—it’s an investment in both time and money. When the plants are damaged or over-watered, you run the risk of losing that investment. Routine maintenance, especially when coupled with a winterization appointment helps reduce your loss, keeps your plants and yard in good condition, and gets you ready for spring planting season well before the snow starts to fall. You’ll be ready to get your yard in good shape well before your neighbors. 

What You Can Expect From an Appointment

When you schedule a maintenance and winterization appointment, you can expect the technicians to first inspect your system. They’ll go through the entire system from the water supply connection to the individual sprinkler heads to make sure everything is running as it should. Once any minor issues are taken care of, they’ll flush the water from the lines, removing any buildup and excess moisture from the system. This protects your yard and sprinklers during hard freezes. Then, they’ll make sure everything is safely retracted and ready for winter weather. 

If you’re ready to schedule a winter maintenance appointment, contact Water Solutions Sprinkler Service today. Our technicians can repair and maintain your system so you’ll be ready for spring weather the moment it hits. Call (720) 435-1495 to schedule an appointment today.