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Landscaping Trends for 2018 - Water Solutions Sprinkler Service

May 30, 2018

Spring has arrived, and it could not be a more exciting time to update your landscaping! With so many new landscaping trends coming up, you have several options to transform your spaces. Use these premier trending landscaping ideas for your front and backyard and learn how using sprinklers in Denver will make them flourish.

Fountains and Water Decor

Begin your day sitting on your porch or patio, listening to the relaxing sound of a water fountain. Homeowners are adding water fountains and decorative water-themed areas to enhance an area. In fact, many are creating entire retreats with beautiful plants and flowers that surround a small human-made pond that pairs with the fountain. It is the perfect complement to gorgeous landscaping that will take your landscaping to the next level.

Speaking of a small pond, this is a great addition to bring a backyard to life. On average a small pond, also known as a garden pond, can be as inexpensive as a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. This is great because you can make something work in nearly any price range. A couple things to ask yourself before starting your pond project:
  • How large should the pond be?
  • What plants and/or décor (i.e. stones) will go around the pond?
  • Do I want fish in the pond?
  • Should I add a waterfall?

When getting started and digging a hold, make sure to call 811 to ensure there are no pipes or anything you may damage. They ask to call at least two days in advance of the day you plan to dig. Once you have the green light, the process can begin. For a simple step-by-step, review DIY’s guide on how to install a garden pond.

Based on how you answered your questions above, you may have a few extra steps or purchases to make. First, if you plan to add plants or stones, be sure to have those details finalized and purchases made before installing the pond for efficiency. Next, if you plan on having fish, you will need to create an environment they can live in. Do your research and find fish that can survive Colorado’s climate. You will also need to properly filter the water as well. Last, if you plan to add a waterfall, you will need to purchase a pump to keep the waterfall working.

Wildflowers and Grasses

Who said landscaping care had to be difficult? Another up and coming trend for landscaping is the addition of wildflowers and ornamental grasses. When it comes to the wildflowers of Colorado, you have many to choose from in all shapes and colors. They are beautiful and do not require as much maintenance as several other flowers. Next, pair the wildflowers with ornamental grasses. Ornamental grass comes in a variety of shapes and colors. You can let it grow and don’t need cut it, which helps it become full and fill up a space. Some of the best ornamental grass types in Denver include switchgrass, hardy pampas grass, and blue fescues. Just like wildflowers, they are low maintenance and consistent with Colorado’s landscape. Your standard sprinkler system will help keep them flourishing all season long.

When planting ornamental grasses, make sure to add them in a part of your yard that gets plenty of sunlight. For soil needs, grasses can grow virtually anywhere. It grows especially well with other plants. As you go to plant the grass, be sure to add a little water to the soil if it is dry. When it comes to water, since they can adapt to several climates and weather patterns, you will not need to worry about watering them the same way you do for the plants in your yard. If you experience drought, that may be the only time you will need to make sure they get water. Otherwise, mother nature takes care of them!

Outdoor Living Spaces

In spring 2018, backyards are becoming more than just a “backyard.” Many homeowners are investing to make them complete living spaces. You can choose a living space, with comfortable outdoor couches and a small fire pit, surrounded by gorgeous flowers around a patio. Others area choosing kitchens with prep space and appliances.

You can also add a fireplace that is stand alone or up against the house. It is great for entertaining, relaxing or to help raise the value and quality of your home. They are also much easier than installing in a home because you do not have the same restrictions or guidelines. By adding a fireplace, you will be able to expand your space for guests, be able to spend more time outdoors throughout the year and will even be able to cook outside more as well! S’mores, anyone?

Purple Theme

Are you wondering what color of flowers and décor to purchase for your landscaping? Purple is the go-to color for spring and summer 2018. Some of the best purple flowers to plant include lavenders, Forever Purples, and Purple Dome Asters. Add a pop of color with white or yellow flowers. Tie in this color throughout your landscaping by adding accents like purple seating cushions and décor.

Looking to create a purple garden? There are many purple items you can add. Consider incorporating purple items such as beets, cauliflower, eggplants, potatoes, and carrots! You can visit your local gardening store or shop online to get everything you need to start your purple garden! This is also a great way to eat healthier throughout the year.

Are you wondering why you should hire professional Denver landscaping services for your yard? When you hire an expert, you can be sure you are making a good investment in your space. Water Solutions is your team of local landscaping experts. As you are looking for go-to ways to incorporate new trends into your yard, we will help you plan and ensure water needs are met. Get started and contact us today at 720-435-1495 for all of your sprinkler installation, repair, and landscaping needs.