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Denver Sprinkler Repair: The Parts and Pieces of a Sprinkler System

February 14, 2018

Sprinkler systems are imperative for a thriving, vibrant outdoor area. Whether it’s lush grass or gorgeous plants, a sprinkler system will help your yard stand out amongst the neighborhood. If you have a sprinkler system already, or are thinking about one and how it works, these are the main components of a sprinkler system from your Denver sprinkler experts!

The Zones

You’ve probably heard many sprinkler installation experts refer to zones when planning out your system, but what exactly is a zone? A zone is a portion of the system that is independent and can be turned on and off from the rest of the system. Zones are important for two main reasons: the first being water pressure, because the amount of pressure of water entering your home from your city’s lines affect the amount of water and pressure of water your sprinkler system can apply to your yard. If every zone was to run at the same time, there wouldn’t be enough water or pressure to properly run the system. This is why you’ll often find sprinkler systems watering different parts of a yard at different times.

The second reason that we use zones in sprinkler systems is to vary the amount of water that’s applied to areas of your yard. We want to deliver the right amount of water to the right place at the right time. Zones allow us to adjust the amount of water supplied to different components.

Sprinkler Heads

At Water Solutions, we use rotary heads that are designed for large, open spaces and spray water two to three times as far as a traditional spray head. The stream of water sprays at an arc or a complete circle, whatever is right for your space. Rotary heads will pop up from the ground to water, and then go back into the ground after the watering is complete which prevents damage from people and lawn equipment like mowers.


Think of timers and controls as the brains of your sprinkler system. Timers can turn the water on and off in varying zones depending on what days you want and what time you set it to. Homeowners can also use timers to control the amount of water applied in each zone of the system. A properly programmed timer ensures that every inch of your yard is never over or under watered, the catch here though is that the homeowner must properly teach themselves on how to fully understand and set up their timer. At Water Solutions, our experts can help you set the timer so it’s what’s best for your yard.

Rain Sensors

Another smart feature to sprinkler systems, rain sensors prevent systems from operating during or following heavy rain and when the ground is saturated and shouldn’t be watered in the near-future. Sensors extend the life of your system by avoiding unnecessary use. Modern day sensors can connect to weather apps so they can detect upcoming storms and stopping the system before a big rain.

Sprinkler systems are more than what meets the eye. The parts and pieces of each system work together creating a fully-functioning machine that will help your yard last for years and years. Questions about your sprinkler system or wanting to get one installed? Contact your Denver sprinkler experts, Water Solutions Company!