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Denver Landscaping Service: 5 Ways to Decorate Your Landscaping For The Holidays

December 13, 2017

Now that our stomachs are full and Thanksgiving has passed, it’s time to bust out the holiday decorations and start celebration one of the most popular holidays! When you think of decorating for the holidays, you probably instantly think of decorating the interior of your home with your tree and stockings. However, it’s important to decorate your landscaping outside, too! People who happen to pass by your house as well as your neighbors will appreciate the festiveness you bring when you decorate. Read on for five ways you can decorate your landscaping from your Denver landscaping service!

String Lights

When you think of the holidays, you’ve got to think about lights - and lots of them! While you’ll find that most people simple string lights from their gutters or hang icicle lights, get creative with your landscaping. Try stringing your lights around your plants and your shrubs. You could also outline the pathway to your home and driveway to really bring out your home’s character.

Use Nature to Decorate

Do you love the old-school, vintage holiday look? Take one of the easiest decorations to work with, garland, and use it all along your landscaping. Use it to drape over doorways, decks, or doorsteps. If you have railings or pillars, be sure to twist that around to give off a charming, welcoming environment. You can also add ribbons, lights, or ornaments to your garland, too!

Fill Up Your Planters

Do you find yourself with empty planters after the winter frost starts setting in? Most people take away their plants and keep the empty planters outside. This leaves a lot of opportunity for you to use them to decorate! You can find plenty of decorations ranging from garland, branches, holly, or other seasonal decor to put into your planters and add extra curb appeal for the holidays.

Bring Santa To Your Yard

You’ll find yard decorations all over the neighborhood during the holidays, from characters on stakes to characters inflated to over 10 feet tall! Whatever your preference, be sure to add them into your landscape for seasonal cheer. You can also use firewood, candles, a sled, or ornaments to bring your yard to life!

Bring The Unexpected To Life

You know the drill: holiday colors are always red and green. Always. You’ll also find silver and gold mixed in with those two primary colors as well. You can bet that your neighbors will most likely be using this color scheme as well, like anyone else naturally would. However, try using an unexpected color scheme. Non-traditional color schemes have been rising in popularity over the years for indoor decorating, but bring those colors outside and onto your landscaping. Try royal hues or bright, sunny colors for a change of pace. No matter what you choose, your neighbors will be sure to notice!

Don’t just stop at these five ideas. You can find so many more crafty outdoor holiday decorating ideas out on the Internet! If you haven’t winterized your landscaping just yet, it might not be too late! Be sure to read up on the importance of that for your landscaping so you can keep a yard that will provide plenty of cheer year round!

Should you have any questions about landscaping, be sure to contact us today! Water Solutions Company has plenty of years of experience working with all types of residential and commercial landscaping.