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Denver Landscaping Service: The Potential Dangers To Your Grass Due To Parked Cars On Your Lawn

December 6, 2017

The holidays are quickly approaching and that means friends and families are traveling to gather at someone’s house to celebrate! While having loads of people come to your house for holiday parties, there’s no doubt you’ll run into the issue of not having enough parking spots for everyone. A common solution to this is to have your guests park in your yard and on your grass. While you might think that this won’t cause much damage, that’s not actually true. So, what are the dangers of parking cars on your well-manicured lawn? Should you park on your lawn? Keep reading to find out the potential damage your lawn can face this holiday season!

Brown and Damaged Grass

One of the very first signs you’ll see after your guests leave your house is grass that is turning brown and yellow under where people had their tires parked. The reason for this is because tires will cut off sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide (everything that grass needs to survive) from reaching the blades of grass. Another reason why you might find brown spots or other discolorations is due to any type of chemical leaks from varies areas on the vehicles that parked on your grass. Chemicals range from motor oil, dirty water, air conditioning refrigerant, and more will drip down from the car and onto your lawn.

You might not even notice these damaging spots right away, as it takes a while for the grass and soil to soak up the chemicals and deteriorate from then on.

Ruts and Rips Around Your Lawn

In the wintertime, the ground is technically frozen. However, if your area is experiencing a warm or wet winter, the ground (including the grass) will be very soft and smushy. If you’re having several cars park all around the lawn on top of the ground being very squishy, you’re going to notice rips and ruts from tires and the cars exiting and entering your lawn.

Ruts and dips in your grass will be caused by having a parked car sitting on the soft ground for only hours. Ruts and dips can be detrimental to the look and smoothness of your yard, and there’s not necessarily a quick fix for them.

Rips and tears are caused by not only people parking on the soft ground but then going to leave and either getting stuck in a rut and having to go a little faster to get out, or just by leaving at a decent speed. Once your grass is ripped or torn away, you’ll need to contact a lawn service to help you get your grass back to what it once was.

Parking On Your Grass

While we know that sometimes people just need to park on your grass for the holidays, and that’s okay. Your grass can recover from a short time period of having a heavy car parked onto it. Read more about the importance of winter lawn care. By taking great care of your lawn, you won’t suffer from huge damaging effects of having cars parked on there!

Should you have any questions, contact Water Solutions Company today! We are here to help you ensure you have the best looking, and healthy, lawn out there!