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Denver Sprinkler Installation: What Goes Into A Yard Evaluation

September 27, 2017

Before installing your brand new sprinkler system, it’s imperative to do a full yard evaluation to make a game plan. Sprinkler installation companies should all do an evaluation of your yard before they even start drawing up a contract. So much goes into planning to ensure that certain places of your yard get the water they need so your yard will be lush and full for years to come!

But what really goes into a yard evaluation? Let’s find out so you can save water and time with a lawn sprinkler system!

Size and Location of Your Yard

First, let’s take a look at the size and location of your yard this will determine the cost and what exactly we’ll install. We take into consideration not only the size of your yard, but also if there are slopes, the soil condition, and the type of landscaping you have. If you have a large yard, more sprinkler heads will be needed. If you have certain gardening and landscaping zones, we’ll place sprinkler heads at the proper spot to ensure they get watered properly and frequently.

Determining Zones

As we mentioned above, if you have gardens or landscaping we’ll need to determine the zones that need watering. Some may require more than others. Gardens will require sprinkler heads that water more gently so that vegetables aren’t ruined or bruised, and flowers keep their petals on! If you have shrubs or tall bushes, we’ll need to use high sprinkler heads that can water taller plants. Finally if you have a large grassy lawn, sprayer heads that have a consistent, even spray will be the best. The key is to make sure your sprinkler heads are watering your lawn, and not hitting sidewalks, driveways, or porches.

The Process

Once the size or your yard and the types of sprinkler heads are determined, we can start with a full evaluation for the process of installing a sprinkler system in your yard. First step: make a map of your yard including your house, landscaping, and gardens. Second, we’ll label the zones of your yard so we can tell what areas need more water than others. Third, we’ll get with a professional to determine where underlying pipes and cable lines are. We’ll need that information in order to see where we can run piping. Finally, we’ll create a list of the types of sprinkler heads we’ll need to use for the different zones in your yard, and if we want to install sensors and shutoff valves. Automatic sensors are a great feature to prevent over-watering of your yard.

If you’re in need of Denver sprinkler installation services, give Water Solutions a call today! You can read more about our sprinkler installation services, and what goes into our very own yard evaluation. With years of service and reviews under our belt, you can trust in us! We always use high quality materials and provide exceptional service for the Denver metro area. Contact us today for a free estimate!