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Denver Sprinkler Installation: Preparing Your Sprinkler System for Fall

September 13, 2017

While the weather may still seem like the summer, we have to face the fact that fall is right around the corner - literally! The Denver area experiences fall with a mix of weather, mostly warm, but there could be freezing nights that happen overnight. Those random freezing nights can really damage your sprinkler system if you’re not prepared for the change in temperature. Learn more about Denver weather to prepare for this fall.

By preparing your sprinkler system for fall, you can ensure that your system will be able to withstand the changing temperatures, and also be ready for shutdown in the winter. At Water Solutions Sprinkler Service, we can help you prepare your sprinkler system so that it lasts throughout each changing season.

Fall is the best time to shut down your sprinkler system, and for good reason. The temperature outside will have cooled down to the point where you no longer need to run your system until the next spring, and you can shut it down before waiting too long and risk a freeze.

Unplug Your Timers

First thing’s first, unplug your timers! If you take the time and effort to remove water from your system, having your timer turn on the next day will ruin the progress you made.

Empty Out Your Water Lines and Boxes

Next step, empty out your irrigation lines and boxes of all water. If there is any water remaining, the next time it freezes you risk ruining hoses, heads, valves, and regulations. In the Denver metro area, freezing can start as early as September, and freezing temperatures can drop suddenly overnight at random.

It’s best to get the water out of your lines as soon as possible so you can prevent possible damage to your system. Schedule a time with Water Solutions as far out in advance as possible so we can come out and help you prepare for this vital step. Learn more about Denver blowouts and winterization.

Drain Back-Flow Prevention Regulators

Backflow prevention regulations keep irrigation water from flowing backwards into your drinking water supply. The Colorado government created a law that if you have a sprinkler system attached to municipal or private drinking water supplies, your sprinkler system must have a regulator attached to it.

Prepare Your Pump

Does your sprinkler system use water taken from a well or a pond using a pump? If so, you’ll need to prepare it for the upcoming freeze. In order to winterize your sprinkler system, you can put one to two cups of a standard RV antifreeze in your pump to prevent freezing throughout the winter. Once spring rolls around and you’re ready to start up your system again, it won’t hurt a thing.

Give the Water Solutions Company a ring at 720-435-1495 to help prepare your sprinkler system for fall! Our staff has years of experience specializing in sprinkler installation, maintenance, and repair, so we know what to do to help you out with your need. We offer free estimates for sprinkler systems in the Denver metro area. Contact us today for your free estimate!