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What to Expect Before a Sprinkler Installation From Your Denver Service Experts

September 6, 2017

Landscaping can be fairly simple to understand, but when it comes to the sprinkler system needed to keep your landscaping thriving, it’s a bit more difficult. Sprinkler systems have a lot going on, and various components that need to be precise for an efficient use of your investment. It’s imperative that you choose the right irrigation contractor for the job, who knows what they’re doing. Water Solutions Co. is your Denver sprinkler expert, committed to providing the best sprinkler installation services in the Denver metro area. What should you expect before you get a sprinkler installation? Let us explain what must be done before the big day.

What To Expect

Sprinkler installation is a big deal, believe us. As simple as it may sound, it’s not, and comes with a few steps that need to be done before you install the system. At Water Solutions, we start with a full evaluation of your yard. A full evaluation should be done before an install because a sprinkler system is more than just a few pipes in the ground. A professional will want to avoid possible problematic issues such as requiring additional pumps, or special equipment.

Step Two

Second, list your preferences and make sure you speak to your professional installer about them. Some companies, such as Water Solutions, have a preference for the materials we use, and the procedure we like to take. However, as the customer you might have preferences that are different than ours when it comes to the types of hardware we use or installing the sprinkler a certain way. It’s important that the professional put the customer’s preferences first because at the end of the day, customer happiness is what counts.

Step Three

Finally, the professional should absolutely ensure that your sprinkler system is in it for the long run. You want to get your money’s worth out the investment in your yard! You also won’t want to deal with costly repairs down the road, so make sure you’re utilizing a professional with the right experience. When you choose Water Solutions Sprinkler Service, we look out for your future needs. We’ll supply you with the right advice on routine maintenance and repair options you can use to keep your sprinkler system running for year after year.

The benefits of installing a sprinkler system through Water Solutions are endless. You can actually decrease your water bill, all while keeping your yard beautiful, and watering on an energy-efficient basis. Avoid the four myths about Denver sprinkler installations!

With over two decades of experience installing sprinklers in the Denver metro area, you can trust the experts at Water Solutions. We perform a thorough investigation of your lawn before installing a sprinkler system and keep in mind your preferences too. We want to make you, the customer, is 100% happy! You can trust that we will provide quality service and top-notch materials. Give us a call today for a free estimate for sprinkler installation and other sprinkler and landscaping services in the Denver area!