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4 Secrets of Laying Sod From Your Denver Landscaping Experts

August 30, 2017

Are you building a new home or looking to replace your current lawn with new sod? Sod installation can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be, especially when you hire your Denver landscaping experts! Let us break down the secrets on how to lay sod, as well as some tips when it’s time to lay it all out! You’ll want to make sure things are done right the first time.

Secret 1: Measure the area you’ll want to sod

This may seem obvious to do, but sometimes people just estimate how much sod they’ll need and end up wasting their money or not buying enough and having to make two trips to the store.

Measure the area you’ll be sodding, and add in an extra five-percent so you’ll have enough to cut and fit around curves (if you’ll have those). Choosing the right sod is imperative for continual growth, so let the experts pick out the sod you need.

We’ll ask you detailed questions about sunlight or shade that your lawn experiences, hardiness of the grass, and how often you’ll use the grass. We’ll need the answers to these questions so we can get the right type of sod ordered and ready for installation.

Secret 2: Prep Your Soil

Next, we’ll need to loosen up the soil up to a depth of 8 inches. After we remove debris, including rocks, we’ll use a rototiller to dig up your soil.

Doing this improves soil aeration and water retention, and enriches the microbes in the soil. If you have healthy soil, you’re sod will remain healthy.

If you don’t have the best soil around, no need to worry! You can add in fertilizers during this process to help. After loosening the soil, it’s important to rake the soil out so it’s all even.

If you have paved sidewalks, driveways, or a sprinkler system, make sure that the soil level is one inch below those items.

Finally, we will make sure to water your soil at least 24 to 48 hours before installation.

Secret 3: Installing The Sod

Once you’re ready for installation, it’s important to note that we will begin laying out your sod along a straight edge. For example, start next to your patio and work your way out.

Place whole pieces down one at a time, ensuring that they are touching end to end. We will pat down the sod to get out any air pockets, and rake out footprints if necessary.
We will put your sod down like you are laying bricks down, cutting one piece of sod in half and laying it against the first one. Stagger the sod so it’s not all one row straight in a line.

Make sure your sod ends are tightly together, but do not have any overlap. If you find yourself with a few small pieces, tuck them into the edges of your sod that’s in the middle of your lawn, not on the edges as this could cause them to dry out and die.

Secret 4: Fill It In, Roll It Out!

After your sod is laid out, we will take topsoil or potting soil and brush that into your sod in the seams. Once we are done with that, the next step is to roll out your sod using a lawn roller to push the sod firmly against the soil. This is the secret and key to getting roots to connect into your soil.

Finally, it’s time to water your lawn! Remember, over or under watering can kill your lawn, so be sure you know how often you should or shouldn’t be watering.

Installing sod requires a lot of steps, time, equipment, and labor, so be sure you’re trusting a professional like Water Solutions to get the job done right. Contact us today for a free estimate or give us a call at 720-435-1495!