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4 Benefits of Installing a Rotary Sprinkler System

August 2, 2017

Installing a rotary sprinkler system can lend itself to a multitude of benefits for your lawn. Having a beautiful, well-groomed yard improves the appeal and value of your property, and also creates an outdoor area perfect for friend/family gatherings. Not sure on what a rotary sprinkler is? Rotary sprinkler systems maintain the quality of your landscape investment, and keep your lawn looking amazing all year round. Why are rotary sprinkler systems a favorite for Denver sprinkler services? Keep reading to find out the top four benefits of this excellent system:

They’re Economical

Underground irrigation systems are expensive, and take a lot of work to install. Rotary sprinkler system heads are inexpensive and much more economical than underground systems. Here at Water Solutions, we have over two decades of experience installing sprinklers in the Denver area. We promise we will not crush or ruin pipes while burying rotary sprinkler heads, we will avoid damage to your yard, and ensure that the rotary heads delivers water optimally to your lawn.

Water Is Used More Efficiently

Water conservation is growingly more important. By using rotary sprinklers you can use water more effectively and reduce water waste. Rotary sprinklers apply water efficiently so you don’t have to worry about overwatering or underwatering. They also reduce runoff from lawns that carry pesticides or fertilizer than eventually flows into gutters, rivers, or streams. Rotary sprinklers reduces your impact on the environment slowly but surely.

Optimal Water Levels

When you read about spray head sprinkler systems, you’ll find that they are more prone to water waste runoff and do not evenly water your yard and plans. Rotary heads have a lower precipitation rate allowing nutrients to soak into the soil and provide your plants with optimal water levels and nutrients from the soil. If you have taller plants, never fear! Rotary heads allow streams to reach them as well. Your plants will thank you for installing a rotary head sprinkler system!

Weather Sensors

Most rotary sprinkler systems have the option of adding on a weather sensor. These sensors connect to your system controllers and react to local weather conditions. For example, rain sensors prevent scheduled watering from occurring when it’s already raining. More advanced sensors are out there that can create it’s own watering schedule depending on your local weather conditions. Sensors are relatively inexpensive and are one of the easiest ways you can lower your water bill and conserve water. There are also rebate programs for some states to add sensors into your sprinkler system.

Contact Water Solutions to install your perfect rotary sprinkler system. We have over two decades worth of experience with a prestigious reputation for providing superior sprinkler and landscaping services throughout the Denver area. Read up on what you can expect from your sprinkler installation service. We provide full landscaping services and use the best lawn and sprinkler products on the market. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about a rotary sprinkler system and to help you install the perfect system for your lawn!