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Denver Sprinkler Service: 4 Signs Your Sprinkler System Is In Need Of Repair

July 26, 2017

While the summer season is in full swing, you’re sprinkler service should be running at it’s best to make sure your lawn doesn’t suffer in the heat. The summer season also means a lot of outdoor time, so having lush, full grass to play on is key! If you haven’t checked your sprinkler system in a while, you might start noticing your lawn showing signs that your system is in need of repair.

Sprinkler systems are sort of like an orchestra. There are a combination of elements that must be properly working together for the end result to turn out great. How do you know when your system is out of tune? Here are four signs that your sprinkler system is in need of a visit from your Denver sprinkler service.


One of the most obvious signs you’re in need of a professional repair is leaking coming from sprinkler heads or pipes. Not sure why? Read up on why your sprinkler leaks water when the system is turned off. Do a walk around your system to ensure that there aren’t loose sprinkler heads, or dripping and spraying once your system is shut off. If you do notice these signs, call Water Solutions right away so we can fix the problem.

Uneven Watering

Noticing any brown, dead spots and also finding flooded patches in the same yard? This can be caused by a few problems, including improper placement of sprinkler heads to faulty heads to a possible leak. Your water distributio is key for having a lush, full yard that’s properly watered. One of our professionals can find the source of the problem and find a resolution so your grass remains a consistent green for the rest of the summer.

Pressure Problems

Water pressure fluctuations are not good for your lawn or sprinkler system, period. If you have too little pressure, your yard won’t get the water it needs. If you have too much pressure, your system’s equipment will wear out prematurely. Most people that notice these water pressure fluctuations want to assume it has something to do with a valve or regulator, but often the trouble is in the irrigation pipes. Just like your home’s plumbing, irrigation pipes are susceptible to changing ground and invasive roots.

Rising Water Costs

After you’ve had your sprinkler system in place for a while, you know what your home’s normal water bill should be. If you see your bill and notice a huge rise in your water costs, you will want to check your irrigation system. Have one of our professionals check your system up and down, as a spike in water usage is usually a sign of a leak somewhere in your pipes. You’ll want to get this fixed as soon as possible because the longer you let water leak, the longer you’ll let money drain from your wallet.

Make sure you know the steps of checking sprinkler systems this summer. Contact Water Solutions to have one of our experience professionals come out and check your system for repairs. Not only can we help you with your installation or repairs, but we also offer premier landscaping services as well. Contact us today to get some help from the pros!