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Top Ways Denver Sprinkler Installation Service Will Reduce Your Water Bill

July 12, 2017

Top Ways Denver Sprinkler Installation Service Will Reduce Your Water Bill

Do you know how much money you are wasting by managing the watering of your lawn? Watering lawns is one of the top ways Americans waste water. Not only does this drain your water bill, but it is an overall waste as well. When you choose to manage your own lawn irrigation, it can be a much more difficult task than you would think. Learn about the best time to water your lawn, the cons of watering a lawn on your own, and the premier benefits of Denver sprinkler installation.

Best Time to Water Lawns

When it comes to watering your lawn, it is best to accomplish this task in the morning. If you aren’t sure why, it is for a few more reasons than you may think. For starters, you need to be an early riser to manage your own lawn before the heat and sun of the day kicks in. This can be as early as 4 a.m. but you need to be finished by 10 a.m. Why morning? The weather is calm. This allows for water to soak into the soil more easily. Then with the normal weather in the day, it will dry on its own. When watering a lawn in the evening, wind and weather can change the way it soaks into the ground. It can also lead to the growth of fungus—which will hurt the overall quality.

Cons of Managing Watering on Your Own

One con to managing a lawn on your own is needing to be an early riser. Or, many don’t mind getting up before the sun has risen, however, a packed schedule can leave little to no time to handle your lawn. Next is the amount. When handling a lawn on your own, you must be very cautious and track how much water is going into your soil. Even the slightest too much or little can have effects on your lawn. Then also, depending on what type of sprinkler you have, you must manually move it around to make sure all areas of your lawn get enough water

Benefits of Sprinkler Installation and Savings

The solution to ensuring your lawn has the appropriate amount of water distributed at the right time is through a sprinkler system. The system will do the heavy lifting. But it also ensures you do not overwater your lawn, saving you valuable dollars each month. Americans waste so much money per year on over-watering the lawn. As The Spruce says, “most lawns do not need most of the water that is put on them.” A sprinkler system will be your go-to to keeping your lawn in great shape. In addition, you will also get time back in your day. That’s a win-win situation!

Water Solutions Sprinkler Service is your local sprinkler installer that will help you get time back in your day and money in your pocket. Once your system is in place, be sure to check out a guide to watering your lawn after a sprinkler installation in Denver. Get started today by calling us at 720-435-1495.