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Fire Pit Options by Denver Service Expert Landscaping

June 21, 2017

In today’s world, landscaping extends beyond grass seed, plants and well manicured lawns. In fact, homeowners are creating social gathering spaces via backyard patios, outdoor grilling stations and even full kitchens constructed to move the living room and social gathering spaces of the home outside. One such gathering spot, installed with a little more ease, is a fire pit.
Providing year round enjoyment, a properly installed fire pit offers a variety of different functions when utilized. Obviously, the unit can provide heat during cool Denver nights while also providing an option for campsite snacks while enjoying the amenities of home.
The type of unit installed will equate to how functional the fire pit can be depending on the wishes of the homeowner. First, a decision must be made in regards to the actual heat source. Both gas and natural (wood) options are available and each provides quality characteristics depending on desired settings and use.


Wood burning fire pits provide a more natural setting. The fire provides warmth but can also be used for cooking any type of food or snack. S'mores are always a favorite but hot dogs and solo roasted marshmallows aren’t far behind. Natural fire also serves as an insect repellent. Some wood pit options may be transported.


Smell. Sitting around a fire will almost always lead to a smoky smell embedding itself into both your clothes and hair. Ash accumulation is also a negative as the pit must be cleared regularly to prevent build up. Constant care must be administered in order to maintain the flame and ensure constant heat production. Following enjoyment, proper steps to extinguish the fire must be followed.


Propane or natural gas fire pits offer a consistent and steady flame immediately after being lit. The heat source is measureable based on BTU (British Thermal Unit) production and units can be designed and installed to emit the most effective heat for the area. Immediate heat and flame at the push of a button and no need for kindling, paper or waiting for the flame to catch, unlike a natural pit.


Fire pits using gas for flame production are limited to the amount fuel available. Instead of being able to simply add wood to the fire, if the fuel runs out the flame will immediately extinguish. For this reason, storing and having an additional fuel tank on hand is recommended. Unlike natural wood fires, using gas flames for fireside snacks is not recommended.
Whatever type of fire pit you choose, make sure to read up on outdoor fire pit safety When determined to find the right option for your fire pit and social common ground needs, the professional staff at Water Solutions Sprinkler Service will be happy to help you decide on the best option for your Denver area lawn. Experts in available options and installation a decision can easily be reached based on individual needs and budget. Contact us today at 720-435-1495 or visit our website at to get more information about the best fire pit options available for your home.